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I have a penchant for funky socks, comic books and helping people. It is important to me that our clients are well looked after 100% of the time because without them, well, we'd get really bored just sitting our in office staring at the ceiling...

Visual MODFLOW Classic and Windows 10

March 10th, 2017|Categories: Blog, Groundwater Modeling, Groundwater Modeling & Simulations, Support, Uncategorized, Visual MODFLOW Flex, Visual MODFLOW Flex|Tags: , , |

Loyalty is defined as, a strong feeling of support or allegiance. We appreciate how loyal you have been and thank you for the support you have given Visual MODFLOW Classic over the years.  It is a great software program and we're thrilled you've enjoyed it! As technology advances, compatibility challenges have arisen with Classic on newer operating systems. [...]

Hydro GeoAnalyst Flash Sale! Get 15% off until March 31st

March 8th, 2017|Categories: Blog, Hydro GeoAnalyst|Tags: , , |

Have you ever dreamt of purchasing Hydro GeoAnalyst? Are you considering your Hydro GeoAnalyst maintenance renewal? Has your maintenance renewal lapsed? If one of the above has hit a cord with you, now is the time to get Hydro GeoAnalyst (HGA). From now until March 31st, HGA is 15% off, which represents considerable savings.  Want to know [...]

“Internet Connection Required” error when activating WITH a license file…

February 15th, 2017|Categories: Blog, Support|Tags: , |

If self-help is your thing, this blog is most definitely for you! Please note, these instructions will work for any of our software products.   A common workaround to this “Internet Connection Required" error is the following;  Stand Alone License/Dongle License 1)      Copy the license file you were provided from licensing (right click and copy). 2)      [...]

Traveling With Our Trainer – Life on the road with our software training specialist

February 9th, 2017|Categories: AquiferTest, Blog, Training, Training Resources, Uncategorized, Visual MODFLOW Flex|

Enjoy world travel with Waterloo Hydrogeologic software trainer: Jacob George First stop: Kuwait Wait, Kuwait? “So, where are you headed next?” is the most common question I’m asked when I tell people I’m a traveling Training and Implementation Specialist. It’s a question I love answering because most of the time my response draws a unique reaction. [...]

A Common Hydo GeoAnalyst Error Solved in 6 Easy Steps – Opening Projects

January 18th, 2017|Categories: Blog, Hydro GeoAnalyst, Support|

Hydo GeoAnalyst, who loves it more?! Sometimes opening projects may not go smoothly as you would like and when that happens you're usually faced with this bad boy of an error message; “Unable to connect to project database [XYZ] on [DatabaseX\WH]… “ This message will appear in one of these scenarios; ·         the SQL Server does [...]

What Features Do You Want in Visual MODFLOW Flex?

December 15th, 2016|Categories: Blog, MODFLOW-USG, Visual MODFLOW Flex|Tags: , , |

Hello Visual MODFLOW Flex users! We need your input on helping us prioritize features for the next release of Visual MODFLOW Flex (VMOD Flex), which we are aiming to release at the end of Q2 next year. Please take 5 minutes to share your input with us via this short survey. Take the survey now

Visual MODFLOW Flex 4.0 – A Webinar to remember

December 7th, 2016|Categories: Blog, Visual MODFLOW Flex|

Visual MODFLOW Flex 4.0! GET EXCITED! With over 50 attendees spanning over 3 different time zones, the Visual MODFLOW Flex 4.0 release webinar event was a huge success! Everyone who attended, had one thing in common, they were all excited about our latest and most advanced release of Visual MODFLOW Flex 4.0. With this new upgrade release, [...]

Visual MODFLOW 4.0 Now Available!

December 6th, 2016|Categories: Blog, Groundwater Modeling, Groundwater Modeling & Simulations, Store, Visual MODFLOW Flex, Visual MODFLOW Flex|Tags: , , , |

Visual MODFLOW 4.0 enables you to do more, in less time, and with greater flexibility. This new version re-introduces some key features from Classic (indicated below with a CL flag), plus exciting new features you've never seen before (indicated below with a NEW flag). Our development team heard from users around the globe that editing capacity [...]