Why Choose Our Software?

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Excellent question! We know you have plenty of options when it comes to environmental software, and we want to make the choice easy for you. Developing easy-to-use and comprehensive environmental software is what we do. It started in 1989 when Waterloo Hydrogeologic released FLOWPATH, the first fully integrated, graphical modeling software package in the [...]

Semi-Annual Sales Event

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Semi-Annual Sales Event People say it’s the little things. People say go big or go home. And sometimes people say the craziest things! We're about to say all three. Semi Annual Sale. 20% off ALL new software licenses. December 1-31st. Sure, they’re not big sentences - but we are talking about some BIG savings. So big that [...]

Building a Water Resources Management System for Trinidad and Tobago

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Trinidad and Tobago is one of the most industrialized countries within the Caribbean region as a consequence of the country’s oil and natural gas resources. Oil production began in 1908 and peaked in the 1960s initiating rapid economic growth between 1974 and 1981. As a result of this oil production, Trinidad and Tobago became quickly industrialized [...]

HydroManager: Water Analytics for Effective Decision Making

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Every year companies around the world invest their hard earned money into building high quality environmental databases. These databases often have a number of safeguards which protect the contents, but make it infinitely more difficult for the people who actually use the data to access it. This video uses a real world example to demonstrate how [...]

Do You Have an Environmental Data Management Strategy?

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In a recent survey of Mining and Oil & Gas industry professionals, over 61% of participants felt their organization is currently placing a greater focus on groundwater data management than ever before. However, only 54% indicated they are ‘somewhat satisfied’ with their current data management strategy. Surprisingly, no one felt they were ‘very satisfied’ with their [...]