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Visual MODFLOW Flex

Visual MODFLOW Flex groundwater modeling software is the industry standard for simulating groundwater flow and contaminant transport.

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MODFLOW SURFACT-Flow & Transport

MODFLOW-SURFACT™ is one of the most comprehensive flow and transport models available. Built around the MODFLOW code, MODFLOW-SURFACT™ includes advanced computational modules that are based on robust, efficient, mass-conserving algorithms making it faster and more accurate than its transport modeling counterparts.

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Visual HELP

Visual HELP, the international standard for modeling landfill hydrology and estimating groundwater recharge rates.

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UnSat Suite and UnSat Suite Plus

UnSat Suite simulates one-dimensional unsaturated zone flow and groundwater contaminant transport.  UnsSat Suite Plus contains all the models from UnSat Suite, plus the HELP model for landfill performance analyses.

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