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Learning AquiferTest

Help Documentation

This User’s Manual is available in three formats:

Compiled Help File: Select Help, then Content to open the compiled help file. This version will be based on the installed version of AquiferTest.

Online Help: Access through your internet browser at:  This version will be current to the latest release.

PDF Document: Available for download here: This version will be current to the latest release.


Sample Tutorials and Exercises

There are several sample projects included with AquiferTest, which demonstrate numerous features, and allow you learn to effectively navigate and use the program. Feel free to peruse through these samples.

To familiarize yourself with AquiferTest, please refer to the step-by-step Quick Start Demo Tutorials:

Tutorial 1: Confined Aquifer Pumping Test Analysis

Tutorial 2: Predictive Analysis

Tutorial 3: Single Well Analysis

Tutorial 4: Slug Test Analysis


To begin working with your own data, please refer to the step-by-step Demonstration Exercises:

Exercise 1: How to create a pumping test

Exercise 7: How to create a slug test

Exercise 12: How to create a Lugeon (packer) testPRO.

In all, there are 4 tutorials, 14 exercises, and 19 additional benchmark example files that you may refer to to help you learn how to use AquiferTest and the incorporated aquifer analysis methods.

Suggested Reference Material

Additional information can be obtained from hydrogeology texts such as:

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The complete list of references for AquiferTest can be found in the References Section.


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