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Installation and System Requirements

System Requirements

To run AquiferTest you need the following minimum system configuration:

Operating System

Windows 10 (Pro, Enterprise)


64-bit (Pentium 4 or higher)


4GB or more recommended

Hard Disk

500 MB Free Space

Networking Hardware

Network Card (required for softkey licensing)


Microsoft compatible mouse


Resolution 600 x 800 (1024 x 768 or higher recommended)


MS-Excel (any version) installed


Local or network printer installed
Internet Connection

NOTE: Administrative rights may be required to install the software


AquiferTest is distributed through a secure on-line download.

If installing with the USB drive, simply plug the USB device into your computer, open the USB folder, and click on the installation file .

The Installation button will initiate the installation of the software on your computer. AquiferTest must be installed on your hard disk in order to run. If you are experiencing problems with the installation, ensure that you have administrative rights for the installation and software registration.

Please follow the installation instructions, and read the on-screen directions carefully.

After the installation is complete you should see the AquiferTest icon on your Desktop screen, labeled as such and/or have a link in your Programs menu to Waterloo Hydrogeologic Software and consequently to AquiferTest. To start working with AquiferTest, double-click this icon or navigate to the link described above.




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