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Pumping Test Analysis Methods - Flexible Assumptions


Before doing the pumping test analysis, it is helpful to plot the time-drawdown data, or the time vs. drawdown with variable discharge rates. These plots are explained in the following sections:

Drawdown vs. Time

Drawdown vs. Time with Discharge

Confined - Theis

Leaky - Hantush-Jacob (Walton)

Hantush - Storage in Aquitard

Wellbore Storage and Skin Effects (Agarwal 1970)

Unconfined, Isotropic - Theis with Jacob Correction

Unconfined, Anisotropic

Fracture Flow, Double Porosity

Single Well Analysis with Well Effects

Large Diameter Wells with WellBore Storage - Papadopulos-Cooper

Recovery Analysis - Agarwal Solution (1980)

Horizontal Wells (Clonts & Ramey)*

Neuman & Witherspoon



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