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Demonstration Exercises and Benchmark Tests


This section will explore many features of AquiferTest including various single and multiple pumping well solution methods, importing data from MS-Excel and a datalogger file (.ASC), and planning a pumping test. The functionality of each feature is explained in detail in the following exercises:

Exercise 1: Confined Aquifer - Theis Analysis

Exercise 2: Leaky Aquifer - Hantush - Jacob Analysis

Exercise 3: Recovery Data Analysis - Agarwal Solution

Exercise 4: Confined Aquifer, Multiple Pumping Wells

Exercise 5: Adding Data Trend Correction

Exercise 6: Adding Barometric Correction

Exercise 7: Slug Test Analysis - Bouwer & Rice

Exercise 8: High-K Butler Method

Exercise 9: Derivative Smoothing

Exercise 10: Horizontal Wells

Exercise 11: Wellbore Storage and Skin Effects

Exercise 12: Lugeon Test Analysis

Exercise 13: Multi-Layer Aquifer Analysis

Exercise 14: Slug Test Analysis - Binkhorst and Robbins


An additional 19 Benchmarking Examples are also available for reference and review purposes.

These exercises are designed to help you familiarize yourself with various functions of the program, but also to provide you with comparisons of the results obtained from AquiferTest to some other sources including published references.

The general sequence of a typical AquiferTest session is:

[1] Open or create a project

[2] Enter and/or import well information and related test data

[3] Select an analysis method

[4] Fit the type curve

[5] Print the output



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