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Quick Start Tutorial


AquiferTest from Waterloo Hydrogeologic offers the latest software technology for graphical analysis and reporting of pumping and slug test data. This powerful, yet easy-to-use program, has everything you need to quickly calculate the hydraulic properties of your aquifer using a comprehensive selection of pumping and slug test solution methods for:

Confined aquifers

Unconfined aquifers

Leaky aquifers, and

Fractured rock aquifers

In addition, it is possible to analyze the effects of well interference and to account for:

Recharge and barrier boundary conditions

Wellbore storage

Partially penetrating pumping and observation wells

Multiple pumping wells

Variable pumping rates, and

Horizontal wells

AquiferTest can be used as a predictive analysis tool to calculate water levels/drawdown at any given point based on estimated transmissivity and storativity values. This new functionality allows you to optimize the location of pumping wells and effectively plan your next pumping test.

The quick start tutorials have been designed to explore many features of AquiferTest, and are divided into four sections:

Tutorial 1: Confined Aquifer Pumping Test Analysis

Tutorial 2: Predictive Analysis

Tutorial 3: Single Well Analysis

Tutorial 4: Slug Test Analysis



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