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Cross Section Editor [32-bit only]


The Cross Section Editor is designed with easy-to-use tools for interpreting geological and hydrogeological data, as well as interpreting data for groundwater flow models. Generating model layers for use as modeling layer elevations in groundwater modeling packages such as Visual MODFLOW Flex has never been easier!

In addition, the Cross Section Editor is seamlessly integrated with the Scene Viewer, a tool that combines and displays one or more cross sections in a 3D fence diagram view!

The Cross Section Editor allows for three types of data interpretations:

Geologic (containing lithology structure data)

Hydrogeologic (containing locations of aquifers, aquitards, etc.)

Model (containing locations of model layer lines, which may be used in numerical groundwater modeling)


The Cross Section Editor provides users with the following key features:

Digitize geologic and hydrogeologic layers using the polygon draw tool

Select standard cross section fill patterns from the Geology

Copy zones from geology layers in order to define hydrogeology zones

Display the locations of intersecting layers and other cross sections (using symbols and labels)

Display water table location in cross section view

Dynamically view the spatial orientation of the boreholes in the Map Preview Window - simply move the mouse over the 2D borehole to highlight its location on the map

View the orientation of cross sections as they relate to the Map Preview Window

Define properties of intersecting features (other layers or cross sections)

Display screened interval in cross section view

Modify labels for lines and polygons

Zoom in/out and pan features

Launch cross section for viewing in the Scene Viewer

Export cross section view to image format

Export model layer points for use in groundwater models, including Visual MODFLOW

Send cross sections to the Report Editor to be included in a report template

Copy window to clipboard


Legacy Module

The Cross Section Editor Module is a Legacy 32-bit Module that is only accessible using 32-bit editions of HGA to maintain compatibility. The Cross Section Editor module functionality has been replaced by the Cross Section Viewer Module. Where possible, it is recommended that you migrate your cross-sections to the Cross Section Viewer - to do this, simply open an existing Cross Section made using the Cross Section Editor module (denoted by the icon in the project tree) and select one of the first three options.



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