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Display on Cross Section

The Well Profile tab provides the option to export images to be used on the legacy Cross Section Editor. This option will let you choose which Cross Section you wish to generate images for. There is also an option to generate images for all Cross Sections.




Images for each station within the selected cross section will be generated based on the currently selected template. A common template to use is the resistivity_plot_only as it is a simple plot column. The images that are generated have a transparent background so that you can visualize them over the cross section interpretations.


Legacy Feature

This feature is associated with the Cross Section Editor Module, which is a Legacy 32-bit Module that is only accessible using 32-bit editions of HGA to maintain compatibility. The Cross Section Editor module functionality has been replaced by the Cross Section Viewer Module. The equivalent feature is available by opening a cross section in the Cross Section Viewer and setting the Well Profile template settings for the selected station(s).



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