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EDD Import

To launch the EDD Import routine select Modules / Import / EDD. Then specify the location of the *.zip_hga file that was generated within the HGA QuickChecker.

Please be aware that you should not attempt to unzip or modify the file in any way as this can invalidate the file and cause difficulties importing the data.



As soon as the file is validated you will see the Validation Results dialog appear. Here you may need to answer a question before continuing. For example the Validation found that some of the station names I am trying to import do not exist in the database – therefore I can choose to append the new station names or reject records for stations that do not exist. I make my choice by selecting the appropriate option in the Action column. If I wish to see which stations are not currently in the database I can select the Click Here to View Data option. For this example I choose to Append the stations (so any station names in my data that are not in the database will be automatically added).

Then the validation also found I have duplicates in the database – some of the sample IDs already exist in the database! Again, I can select what I want to do – either overwrite what is in the database or reject the duplicate sample IDs. For this example I will reject these sample IDs.




Now I can continue with the import. Now the Import dialog is updated – and I can see how many records will be imported.



Select the Import button to import the records – and the import dialog updates to inform you that the import was successful. Now you can select another EDD file to import or close the dialog box.



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