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EDD Template Designer


You can find this option by selecting Modules > EDD Template Designer from the main menu. In this first step of the EDD Workflow, you can create a template (which can be opened in the Quick Checker) for others to use to validate their data.




Building the EDD Template

EDD Templates are built by adding a set of desired fields to the Template Format pane in the middle of the EDD Template Designer window.


Adding a Field or Table

To add a field to the EDD Template:

selecting a field (or table) and clicking the add [] button

dragging and dropping a field onto the Template Format pane

double-clicking on a field


The list of available fields on the left are provided as you would be used to seeing them in the Template Manager or the Query Builder. First branch are the Data Categories, next branch are the Tables, and the final branches are the fields. As you drag and drop fields into the Template Format section, you will notice that other fields may show up there automatically and are shown in bold font. These bold fields include required information necessary to import the data into the select table.


Template Version Number

You can set a version number to manage and track changes to the structure of a template as the project progresses. The QuickChecker and the EDD Import routine will verified that that the current EDD template is the most up to date version of the template if a submission link (see below) is also provided.  Reloading a template from a file [] will automatically increment the template version number by one so that if you make any changes to the template, the new version number will be captured in the edits.


Submission Link

A submission link can be set as an email address or as a URL to an (S)FTP folder. The EDD template and EDD submissions will be sent to this location.



Additionally, you can add conditions onto the fields you have chosen that the Quick Checker will verify. Simple For example – you can make the Sample Date field required (even though it is not a required field to enter the data into the database). Also there is an option for more Advanced Conditions - here you can enter a numerical range of allowable values.







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