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HGA Editions


There are four editions of Hydro GeoAnalyst that are available with the following modules and features:

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Bit Level (32-bit vs 64-bit) Editions

As of Version 11.0, Hydro GeoAnalyst is available as either a 32-bit application or as a 64-bit application, both of which are included with your purchase of HGA or HGA+:


Memory and Performance

The bit-level installations have the following memory and performance attributes:

The 32-bit editions are limited by Windows Operating Systems to a hard limit of approximately 2GB of active RAM; exceeding this limit may cause errors and/or force the application to close.

The 64-bit editions do not have a memory limitation and have increased performance



The bit-level installations have the modules included/excluded, as described above. The modules which are only available in 32-bit editions of HGA are "legacy" modules, which are based on 32-bit technology. Updated or replacement versions of the legacy modules are under development and will be available in a future release.  In some cases, a near equivalent module is already available. For example, the Map Viewer is a near equivalent to the Map Manager, similarly, the Print-to-Office functionality effectively replaces the Report Editor module.



Installation of the 32-bit and 64-bit application is mutually exclusive on the same machine; that is, you may only install one Edition/Version of HGA on the same machine. However, you can connect to an HGA project of the same version using either bit level. This means that depending on your needs, members of your HGA team can have the benefits of using the 64-bit version if the legacy modules are not needed; while others can still access these features.



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