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Hydro GeoAnalyst Plus

Hydro GeoAnalyst Plus (HGA+) includes additional modules and features to extend to functionality of the standard edition of HGA.  Before beginning to work with HGA+, you may want to review the topics in this section specific to HGA+ to get an understanding of the fundamental concepts of the program. This might help you become more proficient with the software in less time.

The topics go through the basic concepts and components specific to the HGA+ interface, including the various modules available to you.


Learning more

HGA+ includes additional features and associated concepts:

See Data Structure in HGA+: to understand the specific data structure and categories in HGA+

See Samples: to understand the added value of the sample structure in HGA+

See Parameters to understand how to work with your analytical data

See Projections to understand how projection systems are used in the mapping features of HGA+

See Chemical List: to understand how you can standardize your parameters across projects

See Measurement Units: to understand how to convert measurement units on-the-fly

See Functions: to see the automatic calculations that are performed by HGA+

See Upgrading Projects to HGA+: to learn how to upgrade your projects from the standard edition of HGA to HGA+

The HGA+ Demo Project Tutorial will provide you with a quick start introduction to many of the features available in HGA+



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