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Introduction to Hydro GeoAnalyst


Hydro GeoAnalyst (HGA) is the most comprehensive and customizable environmental data management system available on the market.  The easy-to-use HGA package integrates a list of flexible and customizable database structures used around the world, complimented by state-of-the-art tools for data interpretation, statistical analysis, Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping, data charting, and two- and three-dimensional visualizations.

For most environment-related projects, whether they are contaminated sites, mining facilities, or municipal water supply projects, there is often an abundance of data that has been collected over the years. How many times have you had to sift through several paper reports for that one piece of information when compiling monthly summaries on a project? Can you be sure that you have not misplaced a report or failed to mention an important piece of data?

HGA addresses these and many other needs in the environmental industry. The system enables you to create a project-specific database, or enhance and build upon your existing database. It can collect all of your previous data and reports and consolidate them into a powerful relational database system that can be queried and referenced with ease.

HGA operates as a desktop application based on Microsoft SQL Server technology.

Some typical applications for HGA include:

Regional water well management

Contaminant site inventory

Environmental regulatory compliance

Geologic cross-sections

Public access to information

Mine process/compliance management

Environmental site assessment

Monitored natural attenuation

Regional aquifer characterization and management

Cross-boundary data sharing

Aquifer vulnerability mapping


HGA is implemented through a number of modules, each designed to perform a specific set of tasks. This approach allows HGA to be memory efficient, flexible, and expandable. The modules are organized into four groups as shown below:



The following modules are for the purposes of Data Management:

Template Manager

Import Data

Query Builder

Lab Quality Control

List Editor

Material Specification Editor


Interpretation of geologic and hydrogeologic data is made easy with the visualization modules that are provided in HGA. Using these tools, raw data can be transformed into meaningful spatial data sets. HGA offers a collection of standard and custom modules for interpreting vast amounts of spatial data. Some of these modules are briefly described in the following sections.The following modules are for the purposes of Analysis and Interpretation:

Map Viewer

Cross Section Viewer

Scene Viewer

Well Profile

Plot Collections

AquiferTest (link)


Once the data have been analyzed and interpreted, they can be shared with project stakeholders in meaningful ways using the reporting and collaborative tools available in HGA.  Using these tools, you can easily create and share data tables, reports, plots, maps in various formats including direct publication to configured websites.  The following modules are for the purposes of Collaboration:

User Manager

Online Sharing

Event Planning

EDD Workflow


Hydro GeoAnalyst Plus (HGA+) is an extended Edition of HGA that includes additional data management, analysis, and reporting modules, features, and functionality with a focus on working with geochemical data:

Water Quality Standards

Parameter Editor

Parameter Group Editor

Map Viewer


Calculations (Functions, Water Type, Units, and Custom Expressions)

Sample Report


Additionally, HGA and HGA+ have options for generating and publishing reports from the various modules. A complete list of modules and their available by Edition is available in the next section of this document.



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