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Plot Module


In Hydro GeoAnalyst, you can easily create collections of plots to visualize, analyze, summarize, and report on your data.  Plot collections consist of one or more plots. There are nineteen different plot types available. When you select Plots from the main menu and then New Plot Collection, a new plot collection will be created and you can add () any of the available plot types:


General and Statistical Plots

Geochemical Plots [HGA+ only]

Box and Whisker


Pie Chart

Probability Plot

Quantile Plot

Radial Plot

Scatter Plot

Stacked Bars Plot

Time Series

Detection Summary

Durov Plot

Giggenbach Triangle

Ludwig-Langelier Plot

Meteoric Water Line (MWL) Plot

Piper Diagram

Schoeller Plot

Stiff Plot

Ternary Plot

Wilcox Plot


Please Note: The Geochemical plot types and a significant portion of the functionality of the Plot module are only available in HGA+.


Hydro GeoAnalyst allows you to create multiple plots for the same data set and view these plots simultaneously within the Windows environment. Each of these plots is explained in greater detail later in this chapter. The following sections also describe some of the features that are common to all plots and how to organize your plots into plot collections.



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