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Quality Control

When collecting, analyzing, and interpreting environmental data, Quality Control (QC) can come in many forms and fashions. Hydro GeoAnalyst includes a Lab Quality Control component that analyses selected data for adherence to specified quality objectives commonly required for working with analytical/laboratory data.

As part of a data collection process, duplicate samples, blank (control) samples, and spiked samples are collected as part of the sampling process; these samples are sent to a laboratory, along with the original field samples, to be analyzed by qualified in a controlled environment, using approved procedures and instrumentation. The objective this additional effort is to identify sources of error that may be associated with sample collection through to analysis and provide some assurance to the stakeholders that the data is valid and representative of site conditions.

Hydro GeoAnalyst has integrated a Lab Quality Analysis component that allows users to:

Define one or more lab quality assessment templates

Analyze Duplicate, Spiked and Blank samples

Compare Relative Percent Difference and Coefficient of Variation for Duplicate samples (for more details, see Check Duplicates Settings ).

Analyze Percent Recovery for Spiked samples (for more details, see Check Spiked Settings ).

Compare Blank samples to method detection limits (for more details, see Check Blanks Settings ).

Analyze Dilution Factor, Detection Limit, and Holding Time

Compare the dilution factor in your results with the maximum allowed dilution factor that you set in your template (for more details, see Check Dilution Factor Settings ).

Compare the detection limit in your results with the standard detection limit (for more details, see Check Detection Limit Settings ).

Compare the holding time in your results with the standard holding time (for more details, see Check Holding Time Settings ).

Execute a Quality analysis on a selected dataset

Display and retrieve assessment results; records not meeting assessment criteria will be highlighted

Save assessment results to an Excel spreadsheet



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