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Within an HGA project, it may be necessary to perform different types of queries for data filtering, reporting, and management. A few examples of data queries are provided below:

Select wells drilled later than 1995 and earlier than 2000

Select wells with discharge over 500 gpm

Select boreholes deeper than 150 feet

Select boreholes where the overburden thickness exceeds 20 feet

Locate groundwater samples collected from the surficial aquifer

Locate groundwater samples with exceedances of BTEX


This section provides a detailed description of the Query Builder () and includes the following topics:

About the Interface

Query Types

o General Query

o Union Query

o SQL Query

o Dynamic Station Group Query

o Dynamic Sample Set Query [HGA+ only]

Aggregate Functions


In the Query Builder tab, the query display fields and conditions can be quickly defined. Once the queries have been created, they may be easily saved and re-accessed from the Project Tree, where each saved query will appear as a branch.



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