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Report Editor [32-bit only]

The Report Editor included with Hydro GeoAnalyst is used to create professional reports containing data, and 2D and 3D-views you have generated for your projects. This chapter presents information on how to transfer stations, grids, query results, maps, cross sections, borehole log plots, and 3D views into a printable report format, which can be printed or exported for convenient transfer to your colleagues and/or clients.

The Report Editor provides the following features:

Create and save Report Layout Templates

Create and Manage Reports

Import Reports

Design and Preview Reports

Save, Export, and Print Reports

In addition the report editor:

Provides an easy-to-use Office-like designer environment

Supports VBScript and JScript events and expressions

Provides Barcode control

Allows report bookmarks and internet hyperlinks


Please Note: This chapter provides a brief overview of the features that the Report Editor offers. For more details, refer to the Active Reports compiled help file. This file is named AR2Std.CHM, and is found in the report folder of the HGA installation folder - the default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Data Dynamics\Active Reports\AR2Std.chm. Simply double-click on the .CHM file to load the help file.


Legacy Module

The Report Editor is a Legacy Module that is only accessible in older projects with existing Reports for compatibility. The Report Editor function has largely been replaced with the Print-to-Office functionality. It is recommended that you migrate your reports to the Print-to-Office templates.


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