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Sample Report

The Sample Report provides you with the tools to build a customized summary of sample results for a select set of samples that includes optional statistics and comparisons to one or more active standards.

The Sample Report view can be accessed by selecting Samples > Sample Report from the Main Menu.



The main toolbar of the Sample Report view contains the following controls:



Execute: builds the sample report based on the current criteria.

Save: saves the sample report.

Save As: saves a new copy of the sample report.

Refresh: refreshes the sample report and project database and discards any unsaved changes

Print Preview: provides a print preview of the sample report when viewing the Pivot View or the Tabular View.

Export Data: exports the Pivot View or the Tabular View, whichever is active.


Settings View

The Settings View allows you to build the Sample Report by selecting a set of samples and a group of parameters. The report may also include statistics about the set of samples for each parameter and comparisons to one or more water quality standards.


Sample Selection

The left-most portion of the settings tab contains options to include the selected samples or a selected sample set or station group.


Parameter Selection

The middle portion of the Settings tab contains a parameter picker. Parameters can be selected for use in the Sample Report by using the directional arrows:

add selected parameters to the Sample Report

add all parameters in the sample picker to the Sample Report

remove selected parameters from the Sample Report

remove all parameters from the Sample Report




The following statistics may be included in the Sample Report:



As part of the Sample Report, you may select one or more Water Quality Standards to include in the report.  Options include:

All selected parameters: all parameters will be included in the sample report

Only parameters with applicable standard(s): only parameters with an applicable standard will be included in the sample report.

Only parameters with exceedances: only parameters that exceed an


Only active water quality standards will be shown in the list of available standards.


Pivot View

The Pivot view provides a structured view of the Sample Report.  Columns will be shown in the following order:

Parameters: the names of parameters selected in the settings

Unit: units of the project parameters

Standards: water quality standards selected in the settings

Samples: samples selected in the settings. A column for the qualifier, value, and data flags will be shown for each sample. Values that exceed a standard will be highlighted using the exceedance color of that standard

Statistics: statistics selected in the settings



Tabular View

The tabular view provides a "flat" database view of the Sample Report that may be useful for exporting to other applications.




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