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Station List

The Station List tab provides an overview of the available stations in the active station group as selected from the project tree and displays fields from the Station Table (the main table within the Hydro GeoAnalyst database) for example: name, X-coordinate, Y-coordinate, Elevation etc. The Station List tab allows you to manage stations and their associated data.





The toolbar for the Station List tab contains the following controls:

 Adds a new record (only available if the All Stations station group is selected).

 Deletes the currently selected record(s) from the active station group. To delete a station from the project entirely you must activate the 'All Stations' group before deleting.

Saves the changes you have made to the project database.

Allows you to select which columns you want to show or hide.

Refreshes the data in the current tab from the project database.

Exports the data from the current tab.

Prints the data from the current tab to an Excel template (see below).


Working with the Data

The first line shown on the tables in the Station List Tab contains field names/column headers; below this is the filter line, which is highlighted in light blue and denoted by the clear filter button () in the left-most column. The filter line can be used to restrict records to display based on the values in one or more field and is described in detail in the Data Filtering section.

You can select one or more records (that will turn bright blue) in the data table by clicking on the buttons on the left-hand side of the grid (using the <SHIFT> and <CRTL> keys for selecting multiple records). You can perform the several actions by right-clicking on the selected record(s) in the currently displayed table, including showing/hiding fields and records, copy, paste, adding the selected station(s) to a new/existing station group, refreshing the data from the project database, and resizing the columns to fit the station list table within the current workspace.

Values in the data fields may be modified for a selected station (simply click in the cell you wish to edit); or a new station may be created here (selecting the icon), and the values for these fields may be defined. The Station List tab may be used to quickly enter numerous stations, and define the basic attributes for each station.


Print to Excel Template

When printing the Station List table to an Excel template you will be prompted to select a template. A template called "Template - Table.xlsx" is provided with Hydro GeoAnalyst. You can modify this template by going to the folder where your templates have been stored (see HGA Settings for more details) and adjust it to suit your needs. Perhaps you may want to change the logo, add titles for the project or client, etc. Templates stored in the Office/Excel Tables subfolder will be available in the drop down list under the Open Template option.




Once you have selected a template, you can select the OK button and the Excel template will open with your data in it - ready for printing or further analysis!



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