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Template Manager

The Template Manager is one of the most powerful tools provided with Hydro GeoAnalyst. It allows you to edit the structure of your database.

The Template Manager provides the tools to:

Add or Delete tables and/or fields

Alter the properties of tables and fields

Define relationships between tables

Group tables under logical data categories

Save database templates for future projects

Set visibility of tables and/or fields

Setting user level table and/or field names, display units (where applicable), and data formats (where applicable)


You can launch the Template Manager from the main toolbar by selecting the icon or by selecting the Modules > Template Manager menu option.


Understanding the Template Manager

Hydro GeoAnalyst is installed with metric and imperial unit versions of the standard environmental database structure. This environmental database structure is based on guidance from the US EPA and have been in use around the world for over a decade. When creating a new database for your project, you have the option of selecting any of the provided database templates, a custom template, or "No Template", which creates an empty project with only those tables and fields required for Hydro GeoAnalyst to function. This allows you to completely customize your project.


Caution: changes you make in the Template Manager are applied immediately and there is no undo button.


All database structure templates that come with Hydro GeoAnalyst also come with their respective report and well profile templates. As such, if one of the existing database templates is selected during the project creation, these templates will be copied to your project by default. You can later edit them or even remove them from your project if desired.

The Template Manager allows you to modify the view of the database. For example, you may only need to view tables that are related to geological investigation data. The Template Manager allows you to hide all unwanted tables and/or fields from view and display only a smaller set of relevant tables and/or fields.

The Template Manager allows you to save the structure the of currently active database as a Template that can be used to create new projects with the same structure.




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