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Install the Demo Project


The Demo Project is a pre-configured project that is installed with Hydro GeoAnalyst and includes the sample data and saved outputs (like queries, maps, cross sections and more!).  If you are using HGA+, it also includes examples of how to use the advanced modules for sample management, analysis, plotting, and R-scripting.  

You can Install the Demo Project from within the program by selecting Project > Install the Demo Project from the Main Menu.  There is also an option to do this from the Start Page.  The Default settings will install the Demo Project to the Waterloo instance of the Local Database that is installed with Hydro GeoAnalyst. Simply select and then to Install the Demo Project.



However; if you prefer, you can install the Demo Project to a SQL Server database by adjusting the Database Type option.


You simply need to provide the name of the SQL Server you wish to use, the Database Name for the Demo Project, and then select if you wish to use Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication.

The Demo Project files will be installed to the location designated under Project / HGA Settings (the Project tab). The default location is in the Hydro GeoAnalyst folder in your user/Documents folder.



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