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Open from Backup


You can restore a project from a back up copy of your database and project files. This is useful if you need to restore a project from a backed up version from an earlier point in time or if you need to transfer/receive a copy of someone else's project and database.


Restore From Section

In the Restore from section browse to the SQL server backup file (*.bak). Then select the corresponding project file (*.hga).


Restore To Section

In the Restore to section you need to specify the name of your project (it will use the project name in the *.hga  file by default). and then specify the Data source type and which SQL Server you will be restoring the backup to. You can select the Refresh button to look for additional SQL Servers.


Please Note: The SQL Server instance should be on the same machine as Hydro GeoAnalyst as SQL Server does not allow you to restore databases across a network.


You can specify the name of the database - by default this is also taken from the *.hga file.

Finally you have the option to specify to use Windows Authentication (default) or SQL Server Authentication.

The select the OK button. The database will be restored onto the SQL Server and the project will open.


If you ever need to provide a copy of your database to someone - a back up of the SQL Server database can be made using the BackUp Database option (available in the Database menu), explained later in this section. A copy of the project can be made by simply copying the project folder, and its contents, using Windows explorer.


Please Note: On Windows 7 operating systems, User Account Control (UAC) must be disabled before you can successfully open a project from backup.



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