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Well Profile


In Hydro GeoAnalyst, you can use the Well Profile module to display detailed information pertaining to a single station or well including:

Well construction details (casing, screens, annular fill)

Geophysical data plots

Lithology information for each formation

Description of the geologic formation

The depth and or elevation of each layer

many others...


In a typical profile report, there may be one or more instances of the items listed above. The number of columns, and their order of display, is flexible and can be set at the time of designing the template and edited at any point thereafter. Templates can be created for one or more stations at once based on a desired design. You can create as many different templates as you need to suit your project needs.

The Well Profile module can also be used as a data entry assistant in Hydro GeoAnalyst, by displaying for example well construction details as data is entered in tables on the Station Data tab.

Please refer to the following sections for more information on how to set up a Well Profile:

Well Profile Interface

Scale Column

Lithology Column

Hydrogeology Column

Model Column

Interval Column

Depth Column

Well Construction

Plot Column

Display on Cross Section


To open the Well Profile module:

Click the Well Profile [] button on the main toolbar

Select Modules > Well Profile from the Main Menu



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