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Polygons are closed shapes consisting of vertices, line segments and have at least 3 sides. Polygons can be used in Visual MODFLOW Flex in the following ways:

To define the horizontal boundary of a conceptual model

To define the geometry and attributes of horizontal boundary conditions, e.g., recharge, specified-head.

To define the geometry and attributes of property zones.

To visualize spatial variation of geographic features using various style settings.

Visual MODFLOW Flex supports the following file types for polygon data.


The following polygon file types are supported:

Shapefile, *.SHP

AutoCAD, *.DXF


To import polygon data, follow the steps below:

Right-click in the Data Explorer and select Import Data... from the pop-up menu.

Select Polygon from the Data Type drop down list box.

Click the [...] button and locate the source file.

Enter a Name and a Description for the imported data, and click [Next] to continue.


The remaining workflow for importing polygon data is very similar to that of importing Polylines. For more information on how to import polygons, please see Importing Polylines


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