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Importing Data

Visual MODFLOW Flex supports importing data from various standard data types to allow you flexibility in constructing your conceptual model. Data can be imported and used in several ways; spatial data can be used to delineate and visualize geometry of structural zones, horizons and features of your conceptual model, while attribute data can be used in assigning properties to structural zones and attributes to boundary conditions.


About the Import Process


The data import process in Visual MODFLOW Flex varies slightly depending on the data type being imported. However, the import process generally consists of the following steps:


1.Select the data type and source file

2.Specify the coordinate system (including projection and datum) of the source data

3.Map the source data fields with required target fields, and map attribute fields

4.Data preview and validation


The following sections provide additional information on the import process for each data type:







3D Gridded Data


Time Schedules





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