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Installation and Licensing


Hardware Requirements

To run the latest version of Visual MODFLOW Flex, you will need the following minimum system configuration:

Operating System

Windows 10 (Pro, Enterprise)
Windows 8 (Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate)
Windows 7 (Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate)

NOTE: Administrative rights may be required to install the software


32-bit or 64-bit (Pentium 4 or higher)


8GB or more recommended

Hard Disk

500 MB Free Space, plus extra space for your models

Networking Hardware

Network Card (required for soft key licensing)


MS-Office (2000 or later). If you do not have Office, you must install the Access Database Engine


Please Note: If you intend to build complex projects, it is recommended that you upgrade beyond the specifications in the above list.


Software Requirements

To run the latest version of Visual MODFLOW Flex,  the following software pre-requisites are required:


  Microsoft .NET Framework v.4.0 installed (provided with installation)

  Microsoft Office 2000 (or later) or Microsoft Access Database Engine

  NOTE: Microsoft Office 64-bit version is currently not supported for XLS and MDB import.



If you have any problems with your particular system configuration, please contact your system administrator, or technical support:


Installation and Licensing

When you purchase Visual MODFLOW Flex, you will receive download and installation instructions. Please consult these for the latest instructions.


Starting Visual MODFLOW Flex

Once Visual MODFLOW Flex has been installed on your computer, simply double-click on the Visual MODFLOW Flex shortcut icon () located on your computer’s desktop.


Alternatively, you can access the software via the start menu by clicking on Start/Programs/...


Please Note: If you are using dongle-based hardware licensing, please ensure that your dongle is connected to your computer AFTER you have installed the software, and that you have properly configured your installation.


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