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Numerical Modeling Workflow - Finite Difference Grids

MODFLOW-2000 / 2005 / 6 / NWT / LGR / SURFACT / SEAWAT / MT3DMS / RT3D


This chapter presents information on editing data in a numerical model workflow for regular grids; the numerical model can originate from:

Importing a Visual MODFLOW Classic or MODFLOW project, or

Executing a Conceptual to Numerical Model conversion


The numerical modeling workflow provides the tools for building the numerical model (properties and boundaries assigned to grid cells), running the MODFLOW engines, and analyzing the results. For information on editing data in an unstructured grid, see the related section on the numerical model workflow for unstructured grids.

The following sections are covered:


1.Define Modeling Objectives


2.Define/Edit Grid (if importing or creating a new numerical model)

3.View/Edit Properties (geometry and parameter edits)

4.View/Edit Boundary Conditions (constant heads, drains, pumping wells, recharge, etc.)

5.Define Observation Wells

6.Define Zone Budget Zones

7.Define Particles


9.Run Numerical Engines

10.View Results

Contours and Color Floods




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