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Visualizing Data Objects


Visual MODFLOW Flex supports two types of interactive data viewers: 3D Viewer and 2D Viewer. The 3D Viewer is based on OpenGL graphics technology, allowing you to visualize graphically-rich three-dimensional representations of your data. The 2D Viewer allows you to view your data from a planar perspective, and provides various tools for editing and drawing data objects.

Visual MODFLOW Flex allows you to have multiple viewers opened and displayed simultaneously. Both viewers can be launched by clicking on Window from the main menu, and then selecting New 2D Window or New 3D Window.

This chapter presents information on the following topics:


Creating Viewers, Opening, and Adding Data Objects

Working With Viewers

Viewer Controls

Adjusting Viewer Settings

3D Viewer Animations

Exporting Views


See Also:

Style Settings for details on customizing how individual data layers are displayed

Export for details on exporting data from a viewer

Exporting 2D/3D Views to image  



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