Numerical Modeling Workflow - Unstructured Grids (MODFLOW-USG)

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Numerical Modeling Workflow - Unstructured Grids


This chapter presents information on editing data in a numerical model workflow; the numerical model for MODFLOW-USG is generated after you run the Conceptual to Numerical conversion step.



You must have a license of Pro or Premium in order to use the PEST module in Visual MODFLOW Flex.



The numerical modeling workflow provides the tools for defining, viewing and editing the numerical model (properties and boundaries assigned to grid cells), creating the input files for MODFLOW-USG, running the MODFLOW-USG engine, and analyzing the results. The following sections are covered:



1.Define Properties (edit parameter values, display in plan, XS, and 3D views)

2.Define Boundary Conditions (constant heads, drains, pumping wells, recharge, etc.)

3.Define Observations


5.Run Numerical Engines

6.View Results


For more details on how MODFLOW-USG differs from traditional versions of MODFLOW, please see our website.

For more details on MODFLOW-USG, and the formats for the packages, please see the USGS website




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