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Visual MODFLOW Flex supports MT3DMS v.5.1 and RT3D v2.5.


MT3DMS v5.1 and RT3D v2.5 share the same set of available translation settings in Visual MODFLOW Flex since RT3D is effectively a modified version of MT3DMS and shares a common code base.  The main difference is that MT3DMS provides more advanced capabilities for simulating dual-domain/sorption modeling while RT3D provides more advanced capabilities for simulating more complex bio-chemical reactions.  


The following sections describes the settings for adjusting the solver, advection method, output times, and miscellaneous settings.


General Settings

Solution Method

Output Control

Advanced Settings


Please Note: SEAWAT is a coupled variable-density flow and transport model that is based on linking modified versions of the MODFLOW-2000 and MT3DMS engines.  As such, the translation settings related to transport for MT3DMS also apply to SEAWAT.  For more information on the SEAWAT-specific packages see the SEAWAT section.




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