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Analyze Results

After the PEST run is successful, you can analyse the results; Visual MODFLOW Flex provides a link to the PEST output files:

Record file (.REC)

Sensitivities for Observations (.SEO)

Sensitivities for Parameters (.SEN)

Residuals (.RES)



The Analyze Results workflow window includes several tabs which display the output files from the PEST run (i.e. .REC, .SEO, .SEN and .RES files).

The .REC tab displays the Record File for the PEST run. The record file includes detailed record of the entire parameter estimation process, listing the number of parameters, parameter groups, observations, parameter definitions/settings, control settings, initial conditions, etc. The record file also lists the parameter values for each iteration of the model.

The .SEO tab displays the Observation Sensitivity file. This file records the sensitivity of each individual observation with respect to all parameters involved in the PEST run. Observed and modeled values are listed for each observation point/time, along with the composite sensitivity of each observation point/time with respect to the estimated parameters.

The .SEN tab displays the Parameter Sensitivity file. This file records the sensitivity of each individual parameter with respect to all observations involved in the PEST run. The parameter value and sensitivity are listed for each iteration of the PEST run.

Finally, the .RES tab displays the Residual file. This file displays the measured and modeled values for each observation point based on the BEST results achieved by PEST (i.e. the model iteration with the lowest Φ (phi) value. In addition, the residual value for each observation is displayed.

The PEST output files can be exported to Excel spreadsheets for further processing and charting.  Click on the button to specify an output name/location for the Excel file; the results will be separated into individual worksheets for facilitate analysis.



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