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Visual MODFLOW Flex comes with a choice of different solvers to use in solving the numerical equations for the flow simulation:



Preconditioned Conjugate-Gradient Package (PCG2)

Strongly Implicit Procedure Package (SIP)

Slice-Successive Overrelaxation Package (SOR)

WHS Solver for VMOD Flex (WHS)

Geometric Multigrid Solver (GMG)

Algebraic Multigrid Methods for Systems (SAMG) and Algebraic Multigrid Solver (AMG) (only available with MODFLOW-2000, 2005 and MODFLOW-LGR)


These solvers and their individual settings can be accessed by selecting MODFLOW/Solver from the Run section of Visual MODFLOW Flex. A Solver Setting window will appear, similar to the image shown in the following figure, with a list for choosing the desired Solver and a listing of the settings for the selected Solver.


Please Note: the SAMG solver is available in the editions of Visual MODFLOW Flex as follows:


Basic Edition: not available

Professional Edition: SAMG - single core only

Premium Edition: SAMG - multi-core/parallel processing



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