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Viewer Controls

The viewer controls allow you to interact with displayed data objects. The controls are accessible from the toolbar located along the right side of the viewer window.


View Mode: The default mode. Allows you to zoom, rotate and pan the displayed data objects.

Pick Mode: (2D Viewer Only) Allows you to select individual data object elements currently displayed in the viewer. When in Pick Mode, the Edit button will be shown in the sidebar, allowing you to edit the selected data object element.

Rotate: Allows you to rotate the displayed data objects using your mouse. Click-and-hold on the displayed data, and move the mouse in a direction to rotate the data. (Available in 3D Viewer only).

Move/Pan: Allows you to move/pan the displayed data objects in the viewer.

Zoom In: Allows you to zoom in on the displayed data objects.

Zoom Out: Allows you to zoom out of the displayed data objects.

Zoom Into box: Use the mouse cursor to draw a box around an area of interest, and automatically zoom into this area.

Reorder layers: Allows you to move layers up/down in a 2D view. Note that the topmost layer is the active layer; when doing editing of shapes, you must first set the desired layer to be the topmost.

Cell Inspector: (2D Flex Viewer Only) Opens the Cell Inspector window.


Linking 2D Viewer with Attributes Table


The 2D Viewer can be linked with the spreadsheet table such that when a polyline, polygon or point feature is selected in the 2D viewer, its corresponding attribute data is automatically highlighted in the spreadsheet table. Likewise, when an attribute row is selected in the spreadsheet table, its corresponding feature is highlighted in the active 2D Viewer. In order to have this bidirectional linking between viewer and spreadsheet table, the 2D Viewer must be in  Pick mode, and the spreadsheet table must be opened.


Tip! Data object spreadsheet tables can be viewed by right-clicking on the data object in the Data Explorer, and selecting Spreadsheet... from the pop-up menu. 2D Viewers can be set to pick mode by selecting the  Pick Mode button from the viewer sidebar.


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