Hydro GeoAnalyst Module Guide

The modules of HGA are organized into categories for Data Management, Analysis & Interpretation, Collaboration, and the extra modules available in HGA+.

Data Management
Template ManagerFully customize your environmental database to your specific project needs with options to add unlimited tables and fields.
Data ImportEasily import and validate data from Excel, Access, EDDs and Mobile EDDs, Diver MON files or LAS files. Also includes option to bulk load images.
Query Builder/ViewerEasily create, save, and recall data queries to extract useful information about your project. Only minimal SQL syntax knowledge required!
Lab QA/QCVerify the accuracy of laboratory result through the analysis of blank, duplicate, matrix spike samples, dilution factors, detection limits and holding times.
List EditorCreate lists of valid values for almost any field in your database (e.g. Station Type, Geologic Unit, etc.) for consistent and reliable data entry.
Material Specification EditorCreate, edit, and manage material specifications and patterns for use in your project well profiles, cross sections, and 3D scenes.
Data ViewersEdit, manage, tabulate, search, and filter your project data using integrated data viewers and lists specifically designed to work with your data based on your project-specific needs.
Well ProfileDisplays detailed well/station information stored as depths or intervals and includes support for deviated (non vertical) wells by automatically calculating true vertical depth.
Cross-Section EditorProduce detailed cross section diagrams showing geologic, hydrogeologic and model layers as well as screen and water level data.
Map ManagerCreate detailed maps of your site, and visualize stations, contours of water table or contaminant hot spots and define cross section lines.
Scene ViewerDisplays and interpolates your project data in 3D quicker and easier than ever before and supports visualization of fence diagrams, plumes, deviated (non vertical) wells, and more.
Plot moduleCreate and organize plots based on dynamic queries of your data. Choose from 5 types of statistical plots and 5 general plots.
Link to AquiferTestEasily send your pumping and slug test data to be analyzed, interpreted, and visualized in AquiferTest.
User ManagementManage and control the different levels of user access for each member of your extended team.
Event PlannerEasily plan future sampling events and other field activities, schedule recurring sampling rounds and set automatic reminders to ensure a sampling round is never missed.
Online SharePublish project data to the web for communicating and presenting data to colleagues and stakeholders.
Print-To-Office Reporting
  • MS Office is the standard for report creation.
  • You can tabular data views from queries, data lists and views to Excel.
  • Share graphics from plots, well profiles and 3D scenes with PowerPoint layouts. Share sampling plans in the Event Planner with your field staff using Word.
Mobile EDDQuickly build reusable data collection forms that streamline the data collection process for field staff improving the integrity and quality of your data.
Quick CheckerA stand-alone utility that can be shared with project stakeholders to streamline importing data from external sources by validating it against your data integrity rules.
Sample ListProvides an interface for managing samples and analytical results and compare them to Water Quality Standards and leverage the power of the Query Builder.
Sample ReportsBuild customized analytical data reports for any dynamic sample sets using statistics and comparisons to one or more active standards.
Water Quality StandardsImport, manage and update any number of Water Quality Standards for use wherever you are analyzing sample data.
Parameter EditorDefine how parameters (e.g. name, molecular weight, CAS number, valency,…) are used across your projects. Ensuring consistency from collection through analysis and allowing you to dynamically switch measurement units (e.g. ug/L to meq/L).
Interactive Plot ModuleCreate interactive plots based on dynamic data sets. Adding 9 geochemical specific plots to what is available in HGA’s standard plot module.
FunctionsOver 50 functions and converters that allow you to perform quick, on-the-fly analyses on your water quality data, including: dynamic unit conversion, ionic functions, corrosion and scaling indices, isotope calculations and more.
R-ConsoleAllows you to run scripts in the R scripting language and leverage the thousands of available libraries that facilitate data analyses, visualization, categorization and much more.
Map ViewerCreate maps based on a live connection to your data.