Hydro GeoAnalyst Readme

Version 10.0 (Build 19.21.0811.2, Aug 2021)

HGA Additions:

The following features have been added or improved in both HGA and HGA+:

User Manager Module:

  • Permissions-Based users: users can now be granted one or more user permission levels instead of hard-coded permissions providing more flexibility on user abilities without compromising security.
  • New User Type: Template Access user type allows users to make changes to the template without requiring full access to the database and SQL Server.

Well Profile Module:

  • Improved Dynamic Labels Heights for Short Intervals: lithology and interval column entries dynamically stretch to fit their text
  • In-line depth-specific annotations: add in-line depth-specific comments within a lithology or interval columns of a well profile. Comments will be placed at the specified depth with leader lines
  • Well Termination Statements: lithology and interval column entries can include an automatically generated well-termination statement.
  • Add fields from a query to the Print-To-PPT templates: link fields from a query to a well profile template so that you can generate automated header information for print-ready Borehole Logs and other well profile documents.

Plot Collections:

  • Print-preview layout view
  • Rectangular plots (e.g. Box and Whisker, Detection Summary, Histogram, Probability Plot, Time series, etc.) can be optionally stretched to fill their cell in the plot collection layout.
  • Custom line add-ins support x-value cutoffs so you can plot line segments
  • Axis labels on rectangular plots can be rotated

Usability and Other Enhancements:

  • International date handling: HGA supports international date formats throughout HGA, including data import, plumes, Quick Checker, Data Import, and Mobile EDD
  • String Data Type: string data fields can now be specified with any length.

HGA+ Additions:

The following features have been added or improved in HGA+ only:

Map Viewer Module:

  • All new module allowing you to create maps using station group and sample set data
  • Station groups and sample set data can be plotted using simple symbols, proportional/graduated symbols, category-based symbols, pie charts, radial plots, and stiff diagrams.
  • Aggregate collocated samples based on sample date or concentrations
  • Supplement the map with imported shapefiles and basemap images.

Plots Collections:

  • The right and bottom plot panels in a Durov Plot can be scaled relative to the central plot
  • Custom plot lines can be dynamically linked to a water quality standard
  • Improved performance for Plots built using calculated parameters

Usability and Other Enhancements:

  • Parameter Handling: automatically add a list of parameters (before or during import) from the Chemical List and automatically delete parameters with no measurements in your project – this greatly improves automating parameter management.


The following features have been deprecated and replaced in HGA/HGA+:

Chemical Import: the chemical import option has been removed and replaced by the Sample Import option available in HGA+. The General Import function available in both HGA and HGA+ can also be used in place of the Chemical Import option.

Defects Addressed:

  • In some cases, AquiferTest would not correctly launch/license from within HGA
  • HGA could not add multiple pumping tests to the Well History tab when exporting data to an AquiferTest project
  • Labels are used instead of parameter names in plots
  • Month-based ticks were not shown correctly in time series plots
  • In some cases, custom lines were not shown correctly in Box and Whisker plots
  • Template changes made by users assigned via a windows group did not use “dbo” as the default schema leading to issues with some multi-user databases.

Version 9.0 (Build, Jan 2021)

Defects Addressed:

  • jquery error on load of Start page

Version 9.0 (Build 18.20.0702.1, Jul 2020)


Hydro GeoAnalyst Plus (HGA+) Modules and Features:
A new Edition of HGA that includes modules for working with Geochemical data. Features exclusive to HGA+ are denoted by an asterisk (*) symbol below.

  • Sample List*: a new module for viewing samples and related results
  • Sample Analysis Viewer*: a new module for viewing analytical results
  • Water Quality Standards*: interface for managing one or more sets of water quality standards
  • Sample Reports*: create custom tabulations of your samples and their results based on one or more criteria including: station, sample date ranges, parameters or groups, and/or exceedances of one or more active Water Quality Standards and optionally produce general statistics for samples included in the report.
  • Plot Module (Dynamic/Interactive)*: Create and configure collections of a wide variety of dynamic and interactive plots including Statistical Plots (Box and Whisker, Histogram, Probability, Quantile, Detection Summary), General Plots (Scatter, Pie, Stacked Bars, Radial, Time Series), and Geochemical plots (Piper, Stiff, Durov, Schoeller, Wilcox, Giggenbach, Meteoric Water Line, Ludwig-Langelier, Ternary).
  • R-Console*: HGA+ includes a console that allows you to run scripts in the R scripting language.

Functions and Analyses*:

  • Unit Conversion: HGA+ manages measurement and concentration units for you – switch between mass-, molar-, and equivalent-based concentrations on the fly.
  • Ionic Functions: Water Type, Electroneutrality/Ion Balance, Sum of Anions, Sum of Cations, TDS, Hardness, Alkalinity
  • General: Date functions, Exceedance counts, Total Organic Carbon, Total Organic Halogens
  • Corrosion and Scaling Indices: Langelier Saturation, Ryznar Stability, Puckorius Scaling, and Larson-Skold
  • Agricultural/Irrigation Metrics: Sodium Absorption Ratio, Magnesium Hazard, Residual Sodium Carbonate
  • Enthalpy: Enthalpy of water (liquid or vapor) based on temperature or dissolved silica
  • Isotopes: Estimates of infiltration elevation and temperature based on Oxygen-18 and Deuterium isotopic fractionation


Plot Module
A new plot module has been added to create and configure collections of plots based on Query Results including:

  • Statistical Plots: Box and Whisker, Histogram, Probability, Quantile, Detection Summary
  • General Plots: Scatter, Pie, Stacked Bars, Radial, Time Series


Usability and Other Enhancements:

  • Parameter Editor: Create lists of parameters based on a field in the sample analysis table. When importing new data users can choose to add new parameters based on this field – this greatly improves automating parameter management.
  • List Editor: Create and add to lists in the List Editor and Template Manager based on values in present in a specified field, and update the list when importing new values
  • Fixed length strings (1, 8, and 32) can be specified as a field data type in the Template Manager
  • The Print-to-Office feature has been extended to include macro-enabled templates.
  • Date formats can be specified explicitly for mapped fields during data import
  • Support for databases stored in SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2019.
  • Performance improvements when loading query results and exporting files to Excel
  • Import AquaChem 2014 Projects directly into HGA+ [*HGA+ Only].
  • Import Diver Office 2020 (.MON)

Defects Addressed:

  • In some cases, the “Use project coordinates” option in the Query Builder could not be changed
  • Unhelpful error messages have been improved to inform the user when a SQL Database cannot be backed up due to insufficient privileges
  • The well profile module was providing incorrect error messages when attempting to render stations with no diameter for screen and/or casing intervals.

Note: Features listed above that are exclusive to HGA+ are denoted by an asterisk (*) symbol.

Version 8.0, build 17.18.0925.1 (September 2018)


User Manager Module:

  • This new module provides a simple and intuitive interface within HGA for database administrators to set up user accounts and access levels (administrator, standard user, read-only user) for the current HGA project that is synchronized with SQL.

Online Sharing Module:

  • This feature has been redesigned as a full module that now supports time series charting. Charts are organized into a tree structure so that you can easily organize and group similar charts
  • Save and load multiple configurations so that you can publish different websites for different audiences.
  • Project coordinates are shown on the Query tab instead of Lat/Long
  • The publication date is now shown on the Project tab of published Online Share configurations, so that visitors to the website know when the website was created and can infer how recent the associated information is.

Event Planner Module:

  • You can jump between steps in the Event Planning Wizard
  • Export events and tasks to a personal calendar after creating an event via .ICS file
  • Double-click on calendar to edit/create an event
  • Event Planner publishes data and schema to (mobile) EDD Template
  • Automated QA/QC sample counts based on specified programmatic ratios

Well Profile Module:

  • When printing well profiles to a PowerPoint template, you can print profiles across multiple pages at specified intervals
  • You can show Hydrogeology in the well construction column instead of only the Lithology


  • EDD Import supports coordinate conversion
  • You can now add external application launchers on the main toolbar
  • Users are notified about missing View Definition permissions when connecting to a project.
  • Double-clicking on table name in Data Filter tab executes query
  • You can copy/paste within the Quick-Checker
  • You can run Quick-checker via command prompt passing a template file as a parameter
  • You can import EDDs that include images and image fields

Defects Addressed

  • Difficulties exporting to MS Access on the Data Query tab
  • Errors creating a query in the query builder when including a number where text is expected
  • The ‘Use screen image’ option in Well Construction behaves opposite to intended function
  • Exporting a query to PowerPoint doesn’t show images or fields with expressions.
  • Various additional bug fixes and performance enhancements

Version 2016.1, build 16.17.0811.1 (August 2017)


  • Option to Add Annotations to Well Profile

Defects Addressed

  • Missing option to have a reducer display in Well Profile when casing diameters are different
  • Now able to show images in an interval column even if they are not associated with a list
  • Fixed issue with number and date formatting in Well Profile PPT templates
  • Fixed issue where saved image may be cut off at the bottom of the Well Profile
  • Removed requirement to enter casing material and screen type to be displayed in Well Construction column
  • Addressed error received in Well Profile if Elevation field is using a different display name and Scale column is showing elevations instead of depths
  • Improved text display in Well Profile when showing long text descriptions (beyond extent of interval)
  • Addressed issue in Well Profile editor when columns headers do not contain captions
  • More appropriate default unit used for scale column in Well Profile
  • Several Well Profile templates are now provided by default with new projects
  • Now able to turn on/off all station labels for all cross sections at once in Scene Viewer
  • Addressed issue with setting transparency of surfaces in Scene Viewer
  • Refreshing a scene will now reset the scene extents
  • Fixed issue where user was unable to set a specified elevation for shape files loaded into a scene
  • Map Manager was loading all stations instead of stations designated in station group onto map
  • Fixed error received when creating a Time Series plot template in a new project
  • Addressed issue where varying scales were used when displaying Well Profiles on Cross Sections
  • Addressed issue where in some projects using the Update Cross Section option caused screen and water levels to no longer display
  • Fixed issue where Print to Excel templates added an additional empty column
  • Fixed issue in General Import where user were unable to connect to SQL databases using collation SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS
  • Various additional bug fixes and performance enhancements

Version 2016.1, build 16.16.0413.2 (April 2016)


  • New Scene Viewer displays your project data (Stations Groups, Cross Sections, and Plumes) in 3D quicker and easier than ever before. This great new feature also supports visualization of deviated (non-vertical) wells and supports shape files, DXF, surfaces, and images.
  • Updated Well Profile replaces the Borehole Log Plotter (BHLP), and provides better performance when working with larger data sets, and now supports displaying deviated wells by automatically calculating true vertical depth based on inclination values.
  • Redesigned Quick Checker validates field data against your EDD templates. This stand-alone module now has simpler installation and set-up.
  • Windows 10 and SQL Server 2014 now supported.

Defects Addressed

  • Unable to use non-english date formats in the Query builder
  • Difficulties saving a query from the Data Filter tab
  • Error if entering a name for a Material Specification before creating a new specification first
  • Addressed timeout error when importing large volumes of data in the General Import routine
  • Addressed refresh issue on Station Data tab when making changes to Material Specification
  • Difficulties using the Calendar Picker on Mobile EDDs
  • Add New Station button on Mobile EDD was unresponsive on some devices
  • Problems with X and Y coordinate system conversion during import (using General Import routine) if display name for X and Y fields are changed
  • Export Image from Map Manager does not include graticule labels
  • Error when pasting into the filter line on Station List tab
  • Expand and collapse of Project tree at inappropriate times
  • In some projects new Maps were not displayed on Project tree
  • Difficulties recognizing null entries in csv files when using General Import routine
  • Difficulties importing using General Import routine when required tables or fields have been turned off in the Template Manager
  • Certain projections were displaying at latitude and longitude in the Station list instead of the projected values
  • Difficulties removing/adding geo_point support
  • Error when creating contours in Map Manager using a query where a field alias contains a space
  • Difficulties importing using the General Import routine when the excel worksheet names being with a number or if there are duplicate column headers in a worksheet
  • Data Category visibility check box not working in Template Manager
  • List items not available in Quick Checker for some fields if table name contains dashes
  • Errors occurred when creating new maps if certain system tables were deleted from the database
  • Difficulties entering or importing data into tables that do not contain primary keys – all tables now must have primary keys

Version 2014.2, build 14.15.0126.1 (January 2015)

Defects Addressed

  • Unable to import water levels for existing stations using the EDD import
  • Unable to import/update datetime field data using General Import or EDD Import when using non US English regional settings
  • unable to create new project from client specific database template
  • Unable to change visibility of fields – once turned off – they will not come back
  • unable to import Mobile EDD files that were submitted to webserver by Android tablets – message that files are corrupt
  • Error when you select Report option from right click on Station Group
  • Error in Query Builder The multi-part identifier “parameter_sample.Station” could not be bound
  • Importing Difficulties with old projects that have the geo_point
  • Lists that are set to optional are not saved in Mobile EDD – the data is lost when going to another table or the homepage
  • Unable to open some projects from version versions in current version
  • Print to excel template gives error if you move the tag for where the row begins
  • Unable to restore project that was created in ‘localdb’ to a SQL Express
  • clicking Next button at Mapping Step of General import does not do anything
  • cannot create cross sections in projects where the soil_type field does not have a list
  • Unable to select elevation for “depth to water level from” in Well Profile settings Water Level tab
  • Unable to create new project on existing database
  • Unable to select unit for some fields when using General import
  • Lat/Long values getting truncated to 2 decimal places when using General import

Version 2014.2, build 14.14.1015.4 (October 2014)


  • The General Import option was enhanced to allow you to save and reuse your settings, checks for duplicate stations, now allows you to import based on Station ID, also gives you the option to separate non detect symbols from results, and its been optimized to run faster.
  • New option to import images/pictures into the database.
  • Send a query (which can include images) to a PowerPoint template to make reports.
  • Organize Office Templates and Reports on the Project tree.
  • Option to print a single BHLP template to PowerPoint (from the Well Profile).
  • Option to map a table to your PowerPoint template when printing BHLPs.
  • LAS import option was updated to recognize Null values.

Defects Addressed

  • Unable to manually enter data into time fields.
  • Print to Excel showed incorrect values when using language settings with a common instead of a decimal.
  • Chart Mappings dialog for Chart in Excel was updated to be more intuitive.
  • Difficulties opening some projects from previous versions
  • Unable to import EDD to client specific project
  • BHLP Designer freezing when many projects were stored in a single database
  • Print BHLP to PowerPoint would take a really long time when many projects were stored in a single database
  • Units for fields set for one project were not carried over to another project in the same database.
  • BHLP Designer was unable to recognize fields that were added to the database from a different project (but same database).
  • Unable to import station coordinates into a project using Local Coordinates.
  • General Import skips the first row of data when importing from excel.
  • Difficulties displaying very small values on BHLP Plot column when using log scale
  • Difficulties importing water levels with certain language settings.
  • Difficulties importing >100,000 records with the General Import option.
  • Very slow loading of splash screen in certain machine configurations (option not load it)
  • List Editor lists are not always showing up in the Query Builder conditions section
  • Coordinates that are manually entered (or edited) on the Station List change after saving – only occurs in certain projects require certain geotransformations.
  • EDD template Designer not exporting all the lists for all the fields.
  • List Editor list in Query Builder conditions section does not match contents of List Editor list.

Version 2014.1, Build 14.14.0729.3 (July 2014)

Defects Addressed

  • Difficulties opening projects from previous versions.
  • Error message when importing MON files.
  • Custom Material Specifications missing after opening a 2013 project.
  • Original Chart in Excel templates no longer working.
  • Errors when changing project settings for Material Specification.
  • Lines between BHLP columns missing when printing to PPT.
  • Lists set as option in 2013 projects were lost when opening in 2014.
  • Difficulties saving SQL Statement queries.
  • Updates to the Chart in Excel options to make it more user friendly.
  • Fixed Use Multiple Data Sheets option in Chart in Excel.
  • Added some additional validation in DTS when using the General option (duplicate names in source file, coordinates missing, update option if record already exists in database).
  • Unable to move entire tables up or down in the EDD Template Designer.
  • Lab Quality validation was not highlighting problem records.
  • Error messages when editing a Material Specification or a List Editor list.

Version 2014.1, build 14.14.0502.2 (May 2014)


  • The Template Manager has been improved to make it easier for you to make adjustments to your project database.
  • Creating new projects has never been easier, with a few clicks you are ready to start.
  • A streamlined import wizard that guides you to the correct import routine.
  • Dig deeper into your data using Excel pivot tables.
  • More options are now available when generating time series charts in Excel.
  • You can now store hyperlinks within the database and activate them from within the HGA interface.
  • Not Like and In operators added to the Query Builder.

Defects Addressed

  • BHLP Designer freezes when adding too many columns.
  • Some icons become inactive after selecting refresh on Station Data tab.
  • Error when an invalid entry for a field default value.
  • Incorrect Syntax error in BHLP when mapping to a query instead of a table.
  • Error when importing checkmark into List Editor list.
  • Coordinates are displayed as latitude and longitude if the Alias is changed in the Query Builder when they should be displayed in Project coordinates.
  • When creating a project based on an existing database and select copy stations, stations are not copied.
  • Error in BHLP if using a query with a condition using the <> operator.
  • Once you select a default unit in the template manager you cannot unselect it.
  • Cannot create 2 fields of similar data type, one with unit and one without.
  • Unable to import data into Description Addins table (which contains an auto increment field) using the DTS.


  • Now publish your EDDs for use on a Mobile Device and do your data collection in the field electronically.

Defects Addressed

  •  Queries based on Dynamic Station groups not producing any results.
  •  Using Print to Excel option on Station Data tab produced errors table contained many fields.
  •  Out of memory issue when using the Chemical Import for a large excel spreadsheet.
  •  Improved resolution of BHLP image sent to PPT for printing.
  •  Improvements to the HGA Quick Checker (new version available).
  •  When importing an EDD the station name field is no longer case sensitive (e.g. gb-01 = GB-01).
  •  Unable to use the Print BHLP to PPT if using Office 2007.
  •  Error messages received when entering data into Lithology table if the soil_type field name was changed.
  •  Unable to delete a record from the List Editor.
  •  Error message when trying to write QAQC flags to the database.
  •  Difficulties editing the primary key in a table already containing data.

Version 2013, build (March 2013)


  • Start Page when first launching HGA 2013 to help guide you to do things like opening an existing project or creating a new project.
  • Print to Excel™ option allows you to print your queries and tables of data to Excel templates for easy reporting, and for charting time series.
  • Print BHLP to PowerPoint™ option lets you print your BHLP’s from the Well Profile tab to PowerPoint templates.
  • Event Planning Module allows you to schedule your stations for regular sampling and then create a plan based on stations that are due to be sampled. Include what QA/QC samples and other field data is to be collected in your plan – even generate a checklist of things to bring into the field! Option to group the parameters into user friendly lists that you wish to have the lab analyze your samples for.
  • SQL Server Authentication option when connecting to your project database.
  • Support for SQL Server 2012. Also, SQL Server 2012 provides a Local DB option which is a silent install, quick and easy for trying out the Demo Project.
  • Updated List Editor launches as a tab and includes a data model tree to make it easier to find the field you want to make a list for.
  • Updated Material Specification launches as a tab and provides a quick and easy import based on image files.
  • Updated Query Builder which launches as a tab and has been redesigned to make it easier for you to generate queries. We also added “intellisense” to help write out your own SQL statements.
  • User Interface Improvements such as Show/Hide/Dock the Project Tree to maximize screen real estate and pop any modules that launch as a tab out of the main Hydro GeoAnalyst Window, allowing you to take full advantage of multiple displays/monitors. You can also create folders for grouping on additional branches of the Project tree (like the Station Groups, Maps, etc.) as well as an option to filter your project tree for easy searching.

Defects Addressed

  • EDD template Designer showed auto increment fields (and should not as user does not provide these values).
  • Getting error messages when switching between tabs.
  • Error regarding List Data when importing an EDD that uses the List Editor to validate data.
  • List Editor Images for fields (other than soil type) were not showing in station data tab.
  • If TOC field is unchecked in the Template Manager several error messages are thrown while working within the program.
  • Intersecting cross sections appear black in the Cross Section editor.
  • Occasional error messages when launching BHLP from the project tree.
  • EDD Import error “List Data is not a valid HGA table name”.
  • Error messages if the TOC field in the station table was hidden (unchecked in the Template Manager).
  • Improved error messages for validation issues within EDD Import.
  • No samples were displayed in AquaChem when linked to an HGA project.
  • Some results were display in AquaChem when linked to an HGA project but others were not.
  • Unable to select newly create Station Groups as a source condition in the Query Builder.
  • Not all water level and well history data were being imported with the EDD Import.

Known Issues

  • Using the operator <> (does not equal) in a query that is then going to be used in the Time Series module will cause the Time series module to give an error and difficulties when opening the saved plot. Workaround: Instead of using the <> operator in your query please use the != operator.
  • Some modules launch in the task bar (bottom of screen) and not on top of the HGA main GUI (e.g. Map Manager, Cross Section Editor).
  • When running the program as a Standard user you may receive a message to Close Running Applications when creating a Map or Cross Section for the first time. Workaround: Select the red X to close the message and the Map Manager / Cross Section editor will load.
  • If you add geo_point support to your project (field added to the Station table) that field should remain unchecked (not visible) and the name should not be edited within the Template Manager. If the geo_point field is edited (renamed or checked on to be visible in the main GUI) you will encounter difficulties when adding/editing station records.
  • Scene Viewer:
    • When viewing model layers with pinch outs sometimes the layers look different in the Scene Viewer scene than in the Cross Section Editor. Workaround: Open the Cross Section Editor and make a slight change the the Model Layer and then save the cross section. When you load this cross section again the model layers should look that same in both the Scene Viewer scene and the Cross Section editor
    • Some larger material specification images do not export when using the save scene as image option – we recommend using small (32 x 32 pixel) images for material specifications.
  • Hungarian EOV and NZGD 1949 Mount Eden Circuit projection geotransformations are currently not supported. Workaround: Convert the X-Y coordinates to another coordinate system (WGS84 for example), before importing into HGA. As an alternate option you can use the local coordinate option when creating your project. This requires that all data imported into the program is in the same projection.
  • Desktop shortcut will not work when running HGA under another user profile. Solution: Your project administrator should create a new desktop shortcut to the hga.exe file, using Windows Explorer.
  • When working with multiple map projects, and sharing cross-sections between the map projects, in some cases the list of intersecting cross-sections will not be updated. Solution: Use the Tools/Update Cross-Section option to refresh the list of intersecting cross-sections.
  • When increasing the scale option while exporting a Cross Section image some text may be lost.
  • Using the option to create contours (in the Map Manager) when working with a regional setting that uses a comma instead of a decimal delimiter will create poor results. Workaround: Change the regional setting of your computer to use a decimal delimiter before creating contours.
  • Error may be encountered when importing Mobile EDDs if using a regional setting that uses a comma instead of a decimal. Workaround: Change the regional setting of your computer to use a decimal delimiter before importing mobile EDDs.
  • When entering values into settings for the Well Profile when working with a regional setting that uses a comma instead of a decimal will cause unexpected results. Workaround: Change the regional setting of your computer to use a decimal before working in the Well Profile.


  • We are no longer able to support Windows XP, Vistas, 7, or 8.1 operating systems.
  • Microsoft’s mainstream support for SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 R2 has ended. Therefore, we will no longer support these versions of SQL Server – please upgrade.
  • International accents and characters cannot be used for the project name or database name due to Microsoft SQL Server limitations.
  • We only support 32 bit (x86) versions of Office. We do not support 64 bit versions of Office.
  • Several options within HGA (Event Plan, Chart in Excel, Print to Excel, Pivot in Excel, Well Profile to PPT, etc.) produce reports in Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and require MS Office version 2007 or later to view. However, if you do not have Office installed, you can create the reports and move them to a computer that does have Office installed to view them. Alternatively, you can use open-source software to view these files.
  • When using the Mobile EDDs we recommend Apple or Android devices using Safari or Chrome as the browser. If you encounter difficulties please check your browser settings and ensure the “Block Pop Ups” setting is turned OFF.
  • When using Mobile EDDs the data is stored locally – if you clear your cache you will remove the data stored there.
  • Only bmp, jpg, and gif are allowed as image types within the material specification and list editor modules (png option has been removed).
  • The link to AquaChem from HGA (version 9.0 or later), has been replaced with the HGA+. Please contact our sales team (sales@waterloohydrogeologic.com) to see if you are eligible for this edition.
  • If you wish to use AquiferTest with your HGA projects (version 2016.1 or later), we recommend getting the latest AquiferTest build. Please contact our sales team (sales@waterloohydrogeologic.com) to see if you are eligible.
  • When performing the option Open from Backup – the user should have Admin privileges to properly perform this task. If the user has restricted privileges they may encounter error messages.
  • Although Hydro GeoAnalyst supports horizontal datum shifting (X and Y, which is latitude and longitude, or north easting setting), it does not support elevation shifting. Please ensure that elevation data are consistent, before importing into HGA. Otherwise, a significant vertical offset may occur.
  • The French (France) regional system settings and other regional settings where the thousand separator is a space rather than a comma or decimal are not supported by Microsoft SQL Server. As a result, these regional settings cannot be supported by Hydro GeoAnalyst either. Users in these countries are encouraged to use a system regional setting that supports an alternate thousands delimiter.
  • Cross-sections will not be updated with new material names and patterns, if the material specification is changed after the cross-section is created. You must open each cross-section interpretation, and re-save, in order to save the changes to the database.
  • Online Share module limitations:
    • Browsers used to view Online Shares must support the Google Maps API (https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/browsersupport)
    • When publishing to a local folder you may encounter difficulties viewing the published website.  Chrome is particularly prone to issue – we recommend Internet Explorer or Firefox. Alternatively, you can use a local webserver such as IISExpress.
    • Names of queries used for online share must not contain odd characters (e.g. ?!$% etc.) as you will receive an error message when trying to publish
    • Map layers supported include points, polygons, and polylines. Color shading layers are not currently supported.
    • If when viewing an Online Share that is published locally and you do not have an internet connection there will be no background map.