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Introducing Visual MODFLOW Flex 6.1

/Introducing Visual MODFLOW Flex 6.1
Introducing Visual MODFLOW Flex 6.12019-07-10T07:45:12-05:00

Experience the power of Visual MODFLOW Flex 6.1

Visual MODFLOW Flex brings together industry-standard codes for groundwater flow and contaminant transport, essential analysis and calibration tools, and stunning 3D visualization capabilities in a single, easy-to-use environment.

Enhancements include:

  • Boundary Condition in/outflows from the Budget file are available in 2D/3D views and the cell inspector via the Output / Budget node in the model Explorer

  • You can Assign/Edit Model Properties and Boundary Conditions using an input surface, horizon, or water table object in the Expression Builder

  • Expression Builder includes Round and Significant Digit functions

  • The SAMG solver is available with MODFLOW-USG
  • Visual MODFLOW Flex warns you and allows you to back up a project before irreversibly upgrading projects created in previous versions
  • You can specify ground surface or heads from a previous model run instead of using the initial head property values at the translation step for MODFLOW-USG runs
  • You can zoom to an object in the Model Explorer in a 2D viewer using the context menu
  • Adding a data object such as a bitmap that is non-transparent during the grid creation process will overlay it on top of the grid rendering it invisible.
  • Row/Column views for rotated grids are projected on NS/EW planes rather than on rotated model co-ordinate axes
  • In some cases, surfaces generated using the model domain polygon did not fully span the model domain due to differences in numerical precision.
  • LST file takes a long time to print for transient models
  • Unhandled Exception when viewing certain .DXF files with unsupported components in a 2D Viewer
  • Performance Issues on Project Load and Reload
  • In some cases, not all wells are included when exporting data from the Calc. vs Obs. Chart
  • In some cases, linear boundary condition features were skipped during conceptual to numerical model conversion.
  • Concentration output nodes are not always created in RT3D runs
  • Conceptual BCs assigned to the model sides not assigned as expected following conceptual to numerical model conversion to a finite difference grid if the grid cells are thin and/or there are steep gradients at the model edge.
  • Uncaught exception visualizing Fluxes when budget file is removed
  • View Maps not showing heads output
  • Can’t assign wells using Wells data object on Q-Grid
  • Well Edit form dives under the main Flex window
  • Only the first stress period values for bed leakance were included in LAK package translation