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AquaChem 2014 set the benchmark for plotting and analyzing groundwater geochemistry data.  First released in the mid-1990’s, it’s been used and trusted by groundwater professionals all over the world.

However, development of AquaChem 2014 has been frozen because it was built with tools which are no longer being supported.  We are now focusing development on newer releases of AquaChem; which is our recommended use for your new projects. If you prefer the older product’s interface with its ability to run PHREEQC, perform integrated trend analyses, or generate thematic maps, AquaChem 2014 is still available for your use as part of any AquaChem license under a valid maintenance contract.

Why Choose AquaChem 2014?

  • Specific suite of statistical calculations for water quality analysis including trend analyses, alert levels, outlier tests, test for normality and more.

  • Intelligent handling of non-detect results.

  • Integrated geochemical modeling with PHREEQC (available from the USGS).

  • Gain insight into the reliability of your water sample analysis with various automatic QA/QC checks including Duplicate, Outlier and Holding Time Analysis, Method Detection Limit, Reliability Checks and Total/Dissolved Comparison.

Water Quality Statistics & Advanced GeoChemical Modeling

AquaChem 2014 includes a comprehensive list of statistical features, optimized to work with your water quality data. Statistical features included are:

Trend analysis estimates a potential positive or negative trend that may be present in your water data. The following trend tests are supported: Mann Kendall, Seasonal Mann Kendall, Sens’s Test, Linear Regression, Spearman’s Rank Correlation.

Outlier tests identify outliers in your data – measurements that are extremely large or small relative to the rest of the data. The following outlier tests are supported: Extreme value test, Discordance test, Rosner test, Walsh Test.

  • An automatic report that calculates basic statistics for a group of water samples. Statistics include minimum, maximum, range, interquartile range, arithmetic mean, standard deviation, non-parametric quantile, confidence interval, skewness, kurtosis and more.
  • Statistical analyses can be run for multiple samples and parameters simultaneously, and results can be easily plotted and exported to common file types (.xls, .csv and .mdb)


AquaChem 2014 links seamlessly with the popular geochemical modeling program, PHREEQC, for calculating equilibrium concentrations (or activities) of chemical species in solution and saturation indices of solid phases in equilibrium with a solution. For more advanced simulations, you can link to the USGS programs PHREEQCI or PHREEQC for Windows, and use your AquaChem 2014 samples as input solutions for these modeling utilities.

AquaChem 2014 Support Documentation