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What’s New in Hydro GeoAnalyst 8.0

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What’s New in Hydro GeoAnalyst 8.02018-10-01T08:45:43-05:00

Hydro GeoAnalyst is the all-in-one environmental data management software package that integrates a complete suite of analysis, visualization and reporting tools, with a powerful and flexible database.
Experience the power of Hydro GeoAnalyst 8.0

The upgraded Online Sharing function is a full Module and includes the following new features:

  • Websites generated using the Online Sharing module include the publishing date, allowing you to track new/fresh shared data info.
  • Publishing options include time series charts to visually present your data. Organize published charts in a directory tree so that you can group charts of similar type(s).
  • Save/Load multiple online sharing configuration(s) to publish multiple websites for different end-users.
  • Export your events to your MS-Outlook Calendar to set up reminders outside of Hydro GeoAnalyst and share events with your team.
  • Set-up sampling events and publish the data requirements to the EDD Template Designer module, including Mobile EDDs.
  • Create reminders for your events so that you don’t miss important milestones or tasks, such as charging/calibrating equipment and ordering sample bottles, in preparation for your data collection events.

• The new User Manager module allows database administrators to set up access levels (administrator, standard user, read-only user) without having to interface directly with SQL server.

  • When printing/publishing well profiles, you can now specify a common vertical scale and wells will span multiple pages accordingly.
  • You can now display the hydrogeology horizons instead of the lithology in the well construction column.

  • Create and import EDDs that contain photo fields, including those created for the Mobile EDD app.
  • Copy/paste values in the Quick Checker.
  • Launch the Quick Checker from a command prompt with a selected template as an argument.
  • Add custom external programs to the main toolbar tab so your tools are available in one place.
  • Double-click on a table to run a data filter in the Data Filter tab.
  • Support for SQL Server 2016 databases.

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