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Custom On-site Groundwater and Environmental Training Courses

Waterloo Hydrogeologic environmental and groundwater software training courses are designed to help groundwater professionals understand and use their groundwater software.

Custom on-site courses are courses that are designed by you. We will work with you to choose the training material (lectures and labs) that best suits your training needs.  The course material will be presented to your employees in your office, a familiar work environment which enhances the learning process and reduces costs allowing you to train more employees for any training budget.

We allow you to provide the computers that will be used during the course so that you can ensure the course software works efficiently with your computer configuration.

For a current listing of all our training options, please visit our Events & Training calendar.

Course Topics

To design a custom course, you determine the length of the course and you can choose from any or a combination of the course topics contained in our regular training courses, some of which include:

  • Groundwater flow modeling with MODFLOW, MODPATH and ZoneBudget
  • Solute transport modeling with MT3D and RT3D
  • Model calibration using PEST
  • Environmental database management (Hydro GeoAnalyst)
  • Pumping and slug test analysis (AquiferTest Pro)
  • Water Quality Data Management (AquaChem)

Course Objectives & Benefits

All custom On-Site course attendees receive:

  • A solid understanding of the theory behind course topics
  • A better understanding of the application of modeling software to common groundwater and environmental problems
  • A complete set of course lecture notes and lab exercises – an excellent reference source when we leave!
  • A DVD of trial software and supporting files for redoing the course exercises
  • Discounted rates for all course software

Course Instructors

Our course instructors are experts in the use of environmental software for practical hydrogeological analysis and modeling.  Need your course in another language?  Our course instructors are multi-lingual and we will do our best to accommodate.

Click here to see a list of some of our certified instructors.

Course Description

Our on-site courses generally start with an introduction to the relevant hydrogeological theories and processes, followed by an overview of the software programs that are used to analyze the groundwater environment (data management, water quality analysis, groundwater flow, and solute transport modeling). The specific lecture presentations will depend on the course topics that are chosen. Depending on the course length, practical examples and case studies are often used to demonstrate practical applications.

Our training courses alternate between presentations of the theory behind each course topic, and practical hands-on computer exercises to implement the concepts using the chosen software programs.

Each course is designed to begin with the fundamentals and then go beyond these introductory topics and provide advice on how to apply the specific software to practical groundwater data management analysis, and modeling scenarios.

Since the course was designed with your input, the content will be focused on the topics and examples that best fit your needs.

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