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Groundwater Software Online Training


Waterloo Hydrogeologic proudly presents our weekly series of online courses that utilize our four main environmental software packages: Visual MODLOW Flex, AquiferTest, AquaChem, and Hydro GeoAnalyst. These courses are designed to provide the maximum exposure in a short time frame, using both lectures and hands on exercises to demonstrate points and concepts. Learn from knowledgeable instructors skilled at communicating key points which will allow you to use your Waterloo Hydrogeologic software more effectively.

Please visit our Events & Training calendar for scheduled 2018 online training sessions.

Online Courses Include:

  • Knowledgeable instructors skilled at communicating ideas and concepts
  • Time reserved for specific project questions and/or discussions with other participants
  • A complete set of course notes and sample exercises
  • A downloadable copy of the exercise files, trial version of the software and any supplementary material (if applicable)
  • Eligibility for Professional Development Credits – Check HERE for more information


  • Opportunity to work at your own pace and have your personal questions answered
  • Reduce logistical costs associated with travelling to an off-site training course
  • Enjoy technology-enabled hands-on learning from the convenience of your home or office
  • Interact with other training participants to share knowledge and experiences


  • A toll free number will be available for audio, to eliminate the long-distance costs
  • Go-To Meeting will be used for the visual part of the training