An Introduction to Environmental Data Management using Hydro GeoAnalyst

//An Introduction to Environmental Data Management using Hydro GeoAnalyst

An Introduction to Environmental Data Management using Hydro GeoAnalyst


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This hands-on course will introduce you to data management using Hydro GeoAnalyst and combines interactive online lectures and discussions with a certified instructor. Participants will experience Hydro GeoAnalyst through an intense series of exercises and will receive a complete set of course notes including lectures and exercises.



An environmental data management training course using Hydro GeoAnalyst for the management and analysis of environmental data and information.

Course Code: IEDMUHGA

Course Software: Hydro GeoAnalyst

Course Agenda

  • Lecture: An Introduction to Environmental Data Management using HGA
  • Lecture: Data Management in HGA
  • Exercise: Test Case: Data Management
  • Lecture: Visualization in HGA
  • Exercise: Test Case: Visualization

Course Objectives and Benefits

From hands-on experience, you will learn to…

  • How to use HGA to develop a project specific environmental database
  • How to design simple database queries to retrieve data from the database
  • How to create effective 2D and 3D images and animations for presenting results

You will also receive …

  • Hands-on guidance with our expert instructor
  • A digital copy of course lecture notes and lab exercises
  • Copies of all supporting files required to complete the exercises
  • A Certificate of Completion
  • A temporary (1-month) license for the applicable program

Course Topics

  • Introduction to integrated data management
  • Database design, data entry and database management
  • Creating 2D and 3D results for client presentations and reports
  • Efficient methods for importing and exporting environmental data

Who Should Attend?

  • This course is ideally suited for environmental professionals who wish to develop a more comprehensive understanding of environmental database management.
  • The data sources that are used in hydrogeologic analysis, and the interchange of information between the GIS system and groundwater models.

 Learn about your trainer: Brayden McNeill

Brayden is Waterloo Hydrogeologic’s in-house Training Specialist. He has his BASc, in Environmental Engineering and MSc in Earth Sciences, both from the University of Waterloo. His research focus was mine waste management, specifically the geochemistry of sulfide oxidation causing acid rock drainage. He is also interested in contaminant transport and novel subsurface remediation techniques. Brayden has been with the team at Waterloo Hydrogeologic since his graduation in 2016, and starts as Training Specialist in January 2018. Brayden leads our online training sessions, and manages our roster of expert consultants for advanced and international training opportunities. In his spare time, Brayden is an avid rock climber and likes to spend time with his dog, Opal.

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