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MODFLOW SURFACT Density Dependent Module

///MODFLOW SURFACT Density Dependent Module

MODFLOW SURFACT Density Dependent Module


MODFLOW-SURFACT™ is one of the most comprehensive flow and transport models available. Built around the MODFLOW code, MODFLOW-SURFACT™ includes advanced computational modules that are based on robust, efficient, mass-conserving algorithms making it faster and more accurate than its transport modeling counterparts.

MODFLOW-SURFACT™ is developed and owned by HydroGeoLogic, Inc and is resold with permission by Waterloo Hydrogeologic.

The DENSITY DEPENDENT MODULE is an add-on module that works with Version 4 of MODFLOW-SURFACT™.  You must already have purchased a license of version 4 for this module to work.

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Licensing Options

Stand-alone Hardkey – Uses a Dongle (a USB stick) and allows you to install the software on multiple computers. As the license file is tied to the dongle, you can move the dongle to different computers to run the software. The dongle must be plugged into the computer while the software is in use.


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