SELF STUDY: Aquifer Performance Test Analysis


Increased concern for groundwater resources has arisen as a result of drought, over-utilization and many incidents of groundwater contamination world-wide. More comprehensive environmental regulations and growing competition for limited, clean, freshwater has led to a large increase in groundwater resource investigation over the past few years. This online course is designed to provide water professionals with hands-on experience on applying the concepts and theory of aquifer pumping and slug test analysis.



This course utilizes the AquiferTest Pro software to demonstrate the analysis and interpretation of water level data from pumping and slug tests. Participants will be introduced to the theory behind the analysis of pumping and slug in order to better support interpretations. The course combines interactive online lectures, comprehensive exercises and discussions facilitated by one of our well-experienced instructors to better improve you understanding of AquiferTest Pro.

Prerequisites: None

Recording Duration: 1 hour 11 minutes

Course Topics: AquiferTest Performance, Selecting Analysis Methods

Our self-study courses include:

  • Recordings featuring knowledgeable instructors skilled at communicating ideas and concepts
  • A complete digital set of course notes
  • A downloadable copy of the exercise files
  • A temporary license of the software
  • Supplementary material (as applicable)


  • Reduce logistical costs associated with travelling to an off-site training course
  • Enjoy technology-enabled hands-on learning from the convenience of your home or office
  • Learn at your own pace with the ability to start and stop the program at anytime