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UnSat Suite and UnSat Suite Plus

//UnSat Suite and UnSat Suite Plus

UnSat Suite and UnSat Suite Plus


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UnSat Suite and UnSat Suite Plus simulate one-dimensional flow and groundwater contaminant transport through unsaturated zones.  UnSat Suite includes:

  • SESOIL – a popular US EPA model which is capable of simultaneously modeling water transport, sediment transport and pollutant fate.
  • PESTAN – a model for assessments of groundwater contamination by pesticide used in agricultural practice.
  • VS2DT – a finite difference numerical model for determining the fate of agricultural chemicals, landfill leachate, and accidental chemical spills in the unsaturated zone.
  • VLEACH – a model for evaluating the fate of volatile organic contaminants in the unsaturated zone.

UnSat Suite Plus also includes:

  • HELP – a finite difference model used to evaluate the hydrologic performance of landfills containing multiple layers and different layer combinations.

These products are only available as a softkey license.

Note: UnSat Suite software is not officially supported on operating systems above Windows XP 32-bit, and we recommend users install the trial on their own machine prior to purchasing to verify proper functioning of the software. Technical support services are not provided for this product.


Licensing Options

Stand-alone Softkey – The software can only be installed on and run from one computer as the license file is tied to the MAC address of that computer.

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Unsat Suite, Unsat Suite Plus


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