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Professional Development Credits

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Professional Development Credits

Waterloo Hydrogeologic has a long tradition of providing engaging learning materials in multiple learning platforms in support of our four main software products: Visual MODFLOW Flex, AquaChem, AquiferTest, and Hydro GeoAnalyst. Training options include self-study packages and facilitator lead on-line and in-classroom formats.

Our on-line sessions and in-classroom training afford environmental professionals the opportunity to fulfill mandatory requirements for Continuing Education Units (CEU) & Professional Development Credits (PDC) in many jurisdictions around the globe. Our training options are eligible for continuing education credits towards your professional designation renewal.

Prior to committing the time and financial resources for one of our hydrogeologic domain programs, we highly recommend you consult your registrar’s rules and regulations to determine if our training program is acceptable curriculum in your jurisdiction.

Why Is Professional Development Important? 

-Enhance your abilities as an Hydrogeologist, Geologist, or Environmental professional.
-Contribute to the acquisition of new industry knowledge
-Build familiarity with contemporary environmental issues
-Reinforce essential skills related to your professional designation
-Enhance your performance as an environmental professional

At Waterloo Hydrogeologic we are dedicated to continued curriculum development and encourage you to check back often as our course material is constantly being upgrade and expanded.