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Software technical support is provided to registered users with valid software maintenance term agreements.

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Extended Support Services

In response to the tremendous demand for expert technical advice that extends beyond traditional technical support, which is designed to provide solutions to software problems and errors, Waterloo Hydrogeologic is pleased to offer Extended Support Services.

*The objective of this service is to provide assistance for your groundwater modeling and environmental projects. You will receive immediate, over-the-phone access to one of our expert consultants who will discuss your needs and either work directly with your project, or make recommendations for you to implement.

This service is ideally suited for users facing time-sensitive deadlines, and for projects that fall outside your immediate area of expertise. When you sign-up for Extended Support Services, you receive professional advice for one or all of the following.

*Extended Support Services are subject to the availability of our team and in some cases short notice services may be difficult to accommodate.

Extended Support Services – Environmental Data Management & GIS Mapping

Extended Support Services for environmental data management and GIS mapping includes:

  • Review of Data Sources – summarize existing data formats and recommend course of action
  • Data Standardization – compile various data files into manageable formats
  • Database Template Design – create a database structure according to your project specifications
  • Data Importing – import various data sources directly into Hydro GeoAnalyst
  • Data Query Design – develop data queries specific to your database and data query needs
  • Borehole Log Template Design – produce organization-specific borehole log templates
  • Report Template Design – design reports template following organizational requirements
  • Data Analysis & Mapping – develop 2D/3D cross-sections, borehole logs, thematic maps, etc.
  • Data Visualization – render high-impact 2D/3D images of groundwater & borehole data with animations

Extended Support Services – Groundwater Modeling

Extended Modeling Support Services for groundwater modeling projects includes:

  • Site Conceptualization, reviewing borehole logs and field data to determine model design parameters
  • Model grid setup, to optimize layer discretization and highlight zones of interest
  • Appropriate boundary condition assignment to represent your field conditions
  • Use of parameter optimization and well optimization to calibrate your model
  • Sensitivity analyses
  • Refinement of model input parameters and solver engine settings to resolve non-convergence and/or poor mass balance issues
  • Presentation of results using 2 or 3 dimensional images, 3D animation, and data graphs
  • Final model review for assistance with presentation, or defense of results
  • Recommending strategies fundamental to achieving a successful completion of your project
  • Peer review of existing data and current work completed on your project
  • Offer On-Site Training service, and work with your actual project data

Extended Support Service Costs

Extended Support Services can be purchased for as little as US$995.00 and includes five (5) full hours of consulting advice over the telephone, fax, e-mail, or in person if you would like to visit us at our Kitchener, Ontario office. (Off-site in person ESS service will be charged extra to cover the cost of travel and accommodation if necessary). If our consultants are able to resolve your project issues in less than 5 hours, your company may bank the remaining time for a 12 month period.

Questions? Email our technical support team at support@waterloohydrogeologic.com

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Customized Software Development Services

Waterloo Hydrogeologic recognizes that sometimes geo-environmental challenges cannot be fully addressed with existing commercial, off-the-shelf software products. For projects that have specific needs and unique requirements, we offer customized software development and data integration services.

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