Installation & License FAQ

General Licensing

How To Find Your Computers Log File

Did you know that one of the first items requested by our support team in order to assist customers is often the computers log file?  Do you know where to locate your computers log file? As soon as you read below, you will.

Based on your computers operating system, the log file can be found here:

For Windows 7,8,10 –

C:\Users\”your user name”\AppData\Roaming\ProductName


For Windows XP –

C:\Documents and Settings\”your user name”\Application Data \ ProductName

C:\Documents and Settings\”your user name”\AppData\Roaming\ ProductName

Please note that the ‘AppData’ folder may be a hidden folder.

Please select “Tools”> “Folder Options”> “View”> “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” to display the folders. Ask your IT team if you are not sure how to enable them.

So should you ever need to email us for support with any of our software, to help expedite the support process and get you up and running as fast as possible, include this log file along with your product serial number so we can assist you

License Expiry Message? We’ve Got you Covered!

You are getting the message “Your License is about to expire … “ or “ Your license of Visual MODFLOW has expired”.

Don’t panic – we’ve got you covered.  When using Waterloo Hydrogeologic applications that were released prior to 2014, you may encounter the message “Your license is about to expire on: DD-MM-YYYY…”

This message will appear in advance of the day of license expiration – don’t be alarmed.  You can still continue working in the application without any disruption until the expiration date.  The license technology used in our applications prior to 2014 required a license expiration date.  This simply means we need to reactivate your license; which can be done quickly.

To address this issue, you will need to contact the support team.

  • Take a screenshot of the message
  • Retrieve the serial number of the application from a Purchase Order or from the Main menu ( > Help>About page)
  • Email these details as indicated in the warning message.

Why does this happen if I have up to date maintenance?

As mentioned, prior to 2014, our applications required a license file that had an expiration date.  If you have valid maintenance and experience this message, it means you are not using the most current version of the application.  Releases after 2014 have perpetual licenses that do not expire – they remain active forever.  As an added bonus, they can also be activated (licensed) automatically without any involvement from the technical support team as long as you are connected to the internet.  New features, bug fixes, unlimited access to technical support and more streamlined licensing…lots of great reasons to keep your software and maintenance up to date!  Contact us for more details.

Visual MODFLOW Flex

Am I eligible for a free upgrade to Visual MODFLOW Flex?

If you currently subscribe to the Waterloo Hydrogeologic software maintenance plan, you are eligible for a free upgrade to Visual MODFLOW Flex. If you do not subscribe to the Waterloo Hydrogeologic software maintenance plan, please contact our sales team  to obtain an upgrade quote.

I'm trying to install Visual MODFLOW Flex, however I receive an error that 'installer is not valid'. What should I do?

This issue can happen if the entire installer did not get downloaded, this can happen if the internet connection time out during the download. Please check the installer size as it should be about 530 MB. We would recommend downloading the software again, in the event of having a downloaded file size less than 530 MB. If the issue persists, please consider contacting technical support at along with the screen capture of the warning message.

Does Visual MODFLOW Flex support 64-bit versions of MODFLOW engines?

Yes, you can leverage the power of 64-bit versions of the MODFLOW engines during running of your models to speed up your run time, if you are running 64-bit version of Windows. This support is available for all supported Engines in the Professional and Premium versions of Visual MODFLOW Flex.

Does Visual MODFLOW Flex support parallel processing and SAMG V.2?

Parallel Processing

If your computer contains multiple processors, or dual core processors, you can leverage the power of parallel processing for your flow simulations using Visual MODFLOW Flex simulations using PCG, WHS, or SAMG solvers can be solved over multiple processors reducing the simulation run time. Note that the parallel/multi-core version of the SAMG solver is only available in the Premium Edition of Visual MODFLOW Flex.


The latest version of Visual MODFLOW Flex supports SAMG v4. This version of the SAMG solver is dramatically faster than its predecessors, and is ideally suited for multi-layered models with heterogeneous properties. The single core-version is available with Professional Edition of Visual MODFLOW Flex, while multi-core version is available with the Premium Edition of Visual MODFLOW Flex.

Does Visual MODFLOW support MODFLOW-NWT?

Yes, the Visual MODFLOW Flex interface supports MODFLOW-NWT package, a version of MODFLOW which provides enhanced capabilities for solving problems involving drying and rewetting non-linearities of the unconfined groundwater flow equation.