Visual MODFLOW Flex Tutorials

The following tutorials are designed to help you get started quickly with Visual MODFLOW Flex and its features.

Conceptual Modeling Tutorial

Create a 3D conceptual model using various GIS data types/formats for defining the geological layers, flow materials and boundary conditions. Once created, you will define a grid or mesh and convert the model to a numerical model.

Importing Classic Projects & MODFLOW Datasets

Learn how to import your existing models into Visual MODFLOW Flex, visualize/edit properties and boundary conditions, translate model inputs into MODFLOW packages and run the model.

SEAWAT Elder Model Tutorial

Learn how to set up a simple numerical model with variable-density groundwater flow using SEAWAT.

Model Calibration Using PEST with Pilot Points

This tutorial demonstrates model calibration and uncertainty analysis using PEST in Visual MODFLOW Flex. The exercise is based on the problem described in “Using Pilot Points to Calibrate a MODFLOW/MT3D Model”, by John Doherty Watermark Numerical Computing.

Contaminant Transport Modeling with MT3DMS

This tutorial provides a walk-through of creating a numerical model with groundwater flow (using MODFLOW-2005) and basic contaminant transport (using MT3DMS). This exercise is based on the well-known Airport tutorial from Visual MODFLOW Classic.

Groundwater Flow Modeling with MODFLOW-USG

This tutorial demonstrates how to create, translate and run a MODFLOW-USG groundwater flow model.

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